February 21, 2020

Preparing for a Smooth Transition: Office Moving Timeline

When it’s time to move your office, you want the transition to be as seamless as possible. The less time spent moving means more time getting important things done.

There are certain things you need to include in your office moving timeline to guarantee it’s done swiftly and without error. Keep reading to learn more about staying organized during your office move.

When to Start

Start the process at least six months before moving day. This gives you ample time to plan, delegate jobs, and create a layout for your new space.

Depending on how many staff members are in your office, consider assigning a moving team. If your office move involves fragile or valuable items, you should hire expert movers.

Consider what type of business you run and what factors are most important. For example, if you need a phone and Internet connection to conduct business, set up these services in your new office as soon as possible. 

Now’s the time to decide what furniture you’ll be bringing and what can stay behind. Measure both your old and new offices to see which pieces will fit and what you may need to purchase.

At this stage of the game, it’s also important to consider your budget for both renting the office space and furnishing it. 

The Next Step

The next step on your office moving timeline should occur approximately three to four months before your move. This is when you want to finalize connectivity equipment.

This includes phone lines, cable connections, Wi-Fi, and any other resources your business needs. You may be required to pay for the services upfront. In some cases, you can work out a deal where you don’t pay until the equipment is activated.

Another tip most people overlook is requesting elevator access at both locations for moving day. You’ll want uninterrupted access to the elevators for at least one full day to safely move all heavy items and equipment.

One Month Before Moving

Moving day is right around the corner. When you’re nearing the one-month mark, it’s time to start packing. This is where your office moving team will come into play.

Have each employee pack up their own desk and materials. Some may be personal, while others are work-related. You may want to divide these items to ensure everything that belongs to you makes it safely to your new office.

Now is the time to set up all your office utilities and change your address.

Last Weeks Before the Move

In the last couple of weeks before the move, it’s essential you finalize all your plans. Confirm with your IT company, building managers, and moving company. 

You’ll need to create new office keys for designated employees and contact the new office space about reserving parking spots.

The Last Details of Your Office Moving Timeline

You’ve finally made it to moving day – but your work isn’t done yet. The day before, check all packages and labels and update all company contact information.

Moving day will be a blur of unpacking and organizing. Encourage staff to help and have experienced movers on hand.

Whether your planning to move your office or your home, Metcalf Moving & Storage can help. Contact us today for more information.


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