December 11, 2019

Your Ultimate Guide To Staying Organized During A Move

A successful relocation to a new home requires that many moving parts come together. The more organized you are, the less stress you and your family will experience.

Good organization also assures nothing goes missing during the move.

The goal is to get things moved and set up as soon as possible so you can begin settling into your new home.

If you’re gearing up for a move, there are plenty of things you can do to stay on top of every detail. Keep reading for some easy tips for staying organized while moving.

Preparation is Key

Rushing the moving process is never a good thing. You’ll need to start preparing at least a few months in advance.

Start by creating a budget. Go through your home and consider things like how many boxes you’ll need as well as other packing essentials. Then, start getting quotes from professional movers.

Nail down a timeline for your move so you can plan for time off work. The last thing you want is to feel pressure to move as quickly as you can.

Use a Checklist

Creating an extensive moving checklist is a good idea. This will help you keep track of things you still need to accomplish and what you’ve already taken care of.

Be as detailed as possible when creating your list. You should also consider separating the list into two sections. One list can contain items for getting your current house packed and ready, and the other list can involve preparation at your new home.

Create a digital copy of your checklist so you can reference it on your laptop or phone. You can also print it out if that works better for you.

Purge Before Moving Day

The less clutter to deal with, the better. A great way to stay organized throughout the moving process is to purge your house before packing.

Have everyone in the family go through their closets and belongings and get rid of anything they don’t need. There’s no reason to move these items from one house to another. Moving extra stuff requires more time and sometimes more money.

Consider having a yard sale once you’ve gathered all your unneeded belongings. You could also donate items while downsizing.

The Packing Process

The way you pack your home has a significant impact on how organized your move will be. Avoid throwing things into boxes as quickly as you can.

Instead, go room by room and logically pack everything. Your goal is to be able to unpack each box in its given room, all while knowing exactly what’s in it.

This requires that you label all boxes. Be sure to label all boxes on the side, not on top, so when they are stacked you can still see your labeling. Indicate which room each box should end up in at your new home. If you have a large home, use color-coded labels to help keep things organized. In addition to the room, write a summary of what’s in each box.

Make Staying Organized a Top Priority

Moving is already stressful enough. Don’t let disorganization cause unwanted confusion.

Use these tips for staying organized while moving and enjoy a smooth transition to your new home.

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