November 27, 2019

Your Guide to Planning an Office Move

Regardless of whether you’re relocating your office due to business growth or are simply ready for an upgrade, moving an office is an exciting time. It’s also complicated.

An office move isn’t as straightforward as moving to a new home. You have to maintain business operations throughout the process. This means preparation is critical.

Here are some crucial steps to take when planning an office move. 

Establish a Timeline

Relocating an office involves many steps. You’ll need to create detailed timeline months in advance to make sure you don’t end up scrambling to get things done.

Make sure to give you and your staff plenty of time to complete each task on your timeline. Include things like creating an office inventory, setting up utilities at the new office, and notifying vendors of your move.

Start knocking out these administrative tasks first. Don’t worry about things like packing until you’re further along in the process.

Create a Budget

After you establish a timeline, create a budget. It helps to speak with each department when doing this.

Consult with managers and department heads to determine they’re relocation needs. Some departments, such as IT, will require more resources to prepare for and complete the move.

Make sure you create your budget on a spreadsheet so you can easily track your finances. There’s a good chance you’ll need to adjust things along the way.

Hire the Right Moving Company

Working with a professional office moving company is a must. You’ll need to hire someone well in advance to be sure the relocation goes smoothly.

A professional company will make things much easier for you. A coordinator will come out and assess your office to determine how many movers and trucks they’ll need for the job.

You can also consult with them regarding your timeline, budget, and setting things up at the new office. Remember, these are experts, and their experience is invaluable. They can guide you through the process, so your relocation is successful.

Coordinate With Employees

Meet with your entire staff to review the moving process. Be open to their input on ways to make the relocation easier.

Go over the process of clearing out desks, getting rid of unwanted items, and preparing work stations for the move. Everyone should be clear on what their responsibilities are and when tasks should take place.

Use These Tips When Planning an Office Move

Office relocation is a significant step for any business. The goal is to make the move as seamless as possible so you can get things up and running again.

If you’re ready to start planning an office move, use this article as a guide, and you’ll enjoy a smooth relocation.

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