September 27, 2019

“We’re Moving!” How to Tell Your Kids the News

You’ve gone through the entire process and finally, have secured the home of your dreams. But now you have to figure out how to tell the kids that dreaded phrase, “We’re moving!”

It’s going to be tough on them no matter what, especially if you’re moving to a new city or state with a new school district. There are ways you can ease them into the thought of moving and make them more comfortable. 

Keep reading for our guide on how to tell your kids you’re moving. 

When Is the Right Time?

The right time to tell your kids that you’re moving is as soon as you find out. Informing them right away is better than sneaking around and having private conversations about it. Kids are usually pretty good at picking up on this and will know that something is up. 

It’s also essential that the news about moving comes directly from you as their parents. If you hide it from them for too long, it may slip out from another family member or some other source. This could cause them more anxiety than just telling them about the move right away.

Where Should You Tell Them?

There isn’t necessarily a specific place you should tell your kids about the move. 

Some families feel comfortable sharing the news at a family dinner because this is a safe space where you discuss family matters. Others do it away from home on vacation, without friends or other outside distractions, so the family can better process the news.

Wherever you decide to have the family meeting, plan for a place where you and your kids will feel the most comfortable discussing the new changes. The location should be a place where you as parents, will feel the most patient and understanding.

Tell Them Why, Where, and When

Important things you will want to tell your kids is why you’re moving, where you are going, and when you will be moving. If you aren’t exactly sure of the date, then give them a timeframe of when they should be expecting the change. 

Telling your children why you’re moving is essential. If it’s because dad got a new job in a different state, then tell them this so they can understand the importance of the move. 

Get Them Excited

The best way to help your kids get excited about the move is to share positive things about the new place. Maybe it will be closer to a cool amusement park, or they’ll have bigger bedrooms with more room to play. Whatever it is, try to make it something that they can look forward to. 

Another great way to get them excited about the move is to take them to the new city. Or, search for the new area online with them. Point out fun things that they have to look forward to once they move. You also can find fun ways to say goodbye to your old house.

Let Them Ask Questions

You want this to be an open discussion so your kids can ask you questions about the move. Letting your children ask questions about the move will help you understand what is important to them. You don’t need to have all the answers right away, but you should try to answer all of their questions honestly.

We’re Moving!

Moving is exciting and will bring a lot of changes to your children’s lives. Make sure they’re prepared for it, and make it as stress-free as possible for them.

Telling your kids you’re moving should be an exciting event. 

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