April 12, 2021

Time to Go: 7 Signs Your Business Needs a New Office Space

It’s essential to maintain an office space that meets your needs. Knowing the signs that your office space is no longer adequate for your purposes can help you decide when it’s time to relocate to a new office. Here’s what you need to watch for. If you’re experiencing one or more of these problems, and your lease is nearly finished, it may be time to move your business.

1. No More Storage

Storage is a necessary part of any business. Look around your office. Are you searching for space to store your boxes, papers, brochures, and equipment? Maybe your office needs a good cleaning and decluttering — or it could be that you’ve simply outgrown the space where you work.

2. Your Clients Are Located Far Away

Perhaps your clientele has shifted since you first started working in your current location. If your clients are now so far away that the drive is inconvenient, this could hinder your business growth. If you’re not sure whether your office’s distance is an inconvenience, take a survey of your clients to find out their opinion of your location.

3. Employees Are Sharing Cubicle Spaces

Employees need space. Keeping employees in a tight space close together can lead to problems like the spread of germs, reduced productivity, and higher absenteeism. If you’re out of room for your employees and are putting two people in one space, you need to rethink how you have your office arranged or rethink a new office space.

4. You Keep “Redesigning Your Office”

Are you continually reducing cubicle sizes or breaking down conference rooms to make room for additional cubicles? You’ve outgrown your current office. It’s time to find a new location for your business.

5. Your Employees Are Squabbling

Disagreements between employees could be a sign of a cultural problem at your company — or it could be a sign that there’s just not enough room. Talk to managers to find out why there might be tension with your employees. If employees are quarreling with those they sit closest to, this could be a sign that people need more personal space.

6. You’re Out of Parking

Parking is just as crucial as cubicle space, especially if your clients come to your office to do business with your company. Assess your parking situation. If your employees are paying a lot of money to park far from your building, this could harm your employee retention rates. It may be time to get a new office.

7. Your Landlord Isn’t Maintaining the Space Well

Your office space needs to maintain a level of professionalism. Broken plumbing, dirty carpets, and scuffed walls all reflect poorly on your company. This can slow your company’s growth by impeding your ability to recruit the best candidates and prevent your company from taking on new clients. Unless your landlord is willing to devote more attention to maintain the professionalism your industry requires, it’s time to move.

Make Your Move a Positive Experience

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