April 10, 2023

Must-Dos – A Straightforward Moving Checklist for the Residential Mover

Are you getting ready to relocate? Moving can look like a monumental task, but having an excellent checklist can make your move easier. Look at a list of seven must-dos to add to your moving checklist.

1. Create a Schedule or a Moving Plan

A well-drafted schedule can be your roadmap to get through the move with little stress. Before getting started, grab a calendar, mark your moving date, and note what needs to be accomplished on certain days. Then, hang up the schedule, so you can stay on task and track day by day, and add new items to your plan as you recognize them.

2. Secure Your Moving Materials and Your Movers

Make a list of needed moving supplies and try to pick them all up in one trip. If you contact a moving company early, you can schedule the date for service early and more likely on the dates you prefer. However, the moving company may also have moving boxes and supplies available.

3. Pack in a Way That Works for You

You can find various packing guides online, such as this one from The Spruce, that tells you how to pack room by room. However, different ways of packing work better for different situations and people. For example, you may prefer to pack up your house by item type instead of by room. Or, you may have more time and choose to pack non-essential items first.

4. Label Everything

Do yourself a favor and ensure you have some adhesive labels and thick-tipped markers to label everything. Notate what is in each box regarding the content type or room type. Label items you deem essential, so you can remember to wait to pack them. Consider labeling furniture pieces, so movers know where to put them when unloading the moving truck.

5. Contact Utility Companies

It is easy to get so caught up in packing and planning that you overlook contacting utility providers to make service arrangements. If you are moving into a home in the same service area, you must tell them when services should be disconnected at one house and turned on at the other. If you are moving to a new city, you still need to arrange to have utilities disconnected at your current home and new services at the new place.

6. Prepare Large Furniture and Appliances

Empty appliances, clean them and secure moving parts with heavy tape or zip ties. You should disassemble large furniture consisting of several pieces, so the movers can easily maneuver them and take up less space on the moving truck. Check with your professional mover to see if they will disassemble your furniture.

7. Prepare for Moving Day

Moving day can be smooth if you prepare ahead. Fill up an essentials suitcase with everything you need for the first couple days in your new home. Also, verify when professional movers will arrive a day or two before. Secure a babysitter for the kids, and consider getting a pet sitter for your pets.

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