August 29, 2022

4 Steps to Take for Shutting Off or Transferring Utilities Before Your Move

As plans for your moving day begin to take shape, you must manage many details to ensure a safe and easy move. One crucial element you shouldn’t overlook is getting utilities and delivery services sorted out before moving.

Taking steps to finalize utilities and deliveries for cancelation or transfer before moving day avoids the risks associated with new owners or tenants running up utility bills on you. It could also tarnish your credit standing.

Here are four steps to take to avoid these hassles.

1. Make a List of Utilities and Recurring Services

The easiest way to cancel everything you need is to make a list. Yes, another list to add to the other moving lists you’re probably juggling, but this one is definitely worth the effort. Utilities and other services to remember include:

  • Electricity
  • Fuel (gas or oil)
  • Water
  • Internet/TV/telephone
  • Waste Removal
  • Prepared Meals
  • Amazon deliveries
  • Medication subscriptions
  • Newspapers and magazine subscriptions

As you assemble your list, be sure to jot down any account numbers, so there is no confusion when you contact companies to discontinue or move services.

2. Contact Companies

Every company offers different processes for cancelations and transfers. Research each provider to see how their process works—you can do some online while others may involve phone calls. Information you’ll need includes:

  • Name of the person listed on the account
  • Account number
  • Stop or transfer date
  • New address (for the final bill, return of security deposit, or where to reroute orders)

Some companies are slower than others in processing changes. Your best bet is to notify companies about four weeks before your move. Unfortunately, people who wait until late in the moving planning process sometimes get bills or find deliveries sent to their old homes.

3. Look for Confirmation of Termination or Change

After you get your utilities or services canceled or transferred, make sure you get confirmation. If you made the change online, print a copy of the page showing that you altered the services. For companies that require phone calls, be sure to get the name of the person who completed your request to cancel or change services. If possible, verify they sent you a confirmation email before hanging up.

In the event something goes wrong, if you obtain confirmation, it’ll be much easier to resolve any disputes that might arise. Also, before moving, for utilities, ensure they’re turned off on schedule. For metered services, take a photo to record the number you read so you’re not paying overages.

4. Pay Off Any Balances and Return Equipment

To ensure accounts are closed as requested, pay any balances. Utilities will have a final bill—plan to issue payment promptly when it’s received.

You should return any rented equipment (e.g., routers, cable boxes, etc.) by deadlines to avoid charges—these sometimes can be excessive. Most companies offer convenient return drop-off or prepaid packaging options. Some may even come to the house to remove equipment.

Keep Your Move Organized

You’ll have enough to do with getting settled in your new place without worrying about old utility and delivery services. In addition, the better organized you are before moving day, the less likely you are to overlook critical details inadvertently.

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