January 9, 2019

How to Transfer Your Utilities When Moving to a New Home

Are you ready for your upcoming move?

As you get wrapped up in the chaos of moving, don’t forget to transfer or set-up utilities for your new home. It’s one of those necessary chores that’s easily overlooked — until you try to take your first shower in your new place, only to discover you don’t have hot water. Here’s how to ensure your lights, heat, and water are ready to be used by move-in day.

Find Out Which Companies Service Your New Home

Are you moving close to your old home or further away?

Wherever you live next, find out which utility companies service your new home. Do it well before your moving company knocks on your door to help you move.

An easy way to find out which company offers service to your new address is to ask your current utility company. When you call to disconnect your utilities, just give them your new address and ask who services that area. Or, use this tool to find energy options in your area.

Find Out About Municipal Services

Is your new home within city limits?

If so, you are most likely entitled to certain municipal utility services. Typically, these include trash pickup and sewer services. You might also have access to city water.

Call your municipality to find out which services your new address receives. From there, you can contact the water and sewer department to update the account associated with your new address. The municipality will also have information about garbage collection services.

Schedule Utilities Transfers Weeks In Advance

Don’t wait till the last day in your old house to transfer your utilities. Call about three weeks in advance of your move to schedule your disconnections and transfers. Since you’re required to pick a utility transfer date, service companies prefer that you call several weeks before your move.

Schedule the disconnection of your current utilities for a day or two after you plan to move. This way, you still have your gas and electricity available in case plans change and your move takes a bit longer than initially expected.

Also, schedule the services at your new home to start a day before you move in. This way, your services are established by the time your moving trucks pull up to your new driveway.

Update Your Address

While you’re busy transferring all your services, don’t forget to update your address. You can set up a forwarding address with the United States Postal Service, but you shouldn’t leave it at that.

When you disconnect your old utility services, inform each company of your new address. They need somewhere to send your last bill, which will be available after the shutoff date.

If you forget to update your address, your last bills will be sent to your old home. Failure to pay them may land you in collections.

Are You Ready To Move?

Now that your utility transfers are taken care of, are you packed up and ready to move? If not, contact us to see if we can be of service. We’re standing by to help you make this a smooth and happy transition.


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