October 15, 2021

How to Pack a Kid’s Room Right

A move isn’t easy for everyone in the family, but the moving process may be incredibly disruptive for little ones. After all, kids thrive on routine and consistency, and moving means lots of changes.

When the time comes to pack up a child’s room, all those significant changes can feel overwhelming. So here’s how to pack your kid’s rooms to help minimize stress and worry.

Explain the Move

From start to finish, keeping kids in the moving loop helps them feel less uncertainty. When kids understand what’s going on, they’re less likely to worry about the unknown.

Of course, how much explanation you need to provide depends on a child’s age and maturity level—but letting kids know what to expect can reduce their stress. For instance, little ones may see their toys going into boxes and think you’re taking them away forever.

Explaining that their belongings will travel along with them to their new home will help relieve the worry. Keeping a focus on the positive aspects of the move is vital.

Gather the Right Packing Supplies

When packing a kid’s room for a move, you may need some special moving supplies

  • Tubes for posters or pictures
  • Plastic bags or waterproof containers for art supplies
  • Bubble wrap and packing paper
  • Tape
  • Cardboard boxes for clothing, furniture, and other items
  • Labels and markers
  • Stickers so kids can decorate the boxes

Involve Kids in the Moving Process

Along with explaining what to expect, involving children in the moving process can help them feel more in control. Decluttering their room together is a great place to start.

Work with your child to go through their belongings and decide what to keep and give away. Of course, decluttering will save you money on moving costs and packing supplies. But it’s also a way for kids to help others by donating their old clothes, toys, and books to charitable organizations.

Let your children be involved in the packing by turning it into a game. Play music and dance while tackling their rooms. Encourage them to pack some boxes and throw in a few impromptu contests like “who can pack the most boxes” or “who can pack a box the fastest.” Once the boxes are packed, pull out some stickers and let your kids personalize their moving cartons by letting them decorate a few.

Pro-tip: Save a few moving boxes when you arrive at your new home for the kids to play in. They can use their imagination to create forts and decorate them.

Make an “Essentials” Box

While you’re packing, set aside an “Essentials Box” (or bag) for each child, this designated box will travel with you, rather than on the moving truck.

The essentials box should contain items the child will need to stay comfortable and entertained during the move. For younger children, this may include diapers, wipes, food, a change of clothing, toys, and books.

Pack favorite games, toys, books, snacks, and any electronic devices that can help keep them occupied during a long drive for older children. It’s a good idea to throw extra clothes and shoes in too, just in case.

If possible, wait until the last minute to pack up a child’s room. Then, even when the rest of the house is in boxes, they’ll still have a comforting, familiar space that’s full of their things.

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