September 7, 2021

6 Moving Supplies You Don’t Want to Do Without

Are you moving soon? If so, you must get organized and gather the proper moving supplies. By the time you’re ready to start packing, you’re going to want all the following materials on hand. So having the right supplies — and enough of them readily available — will help your moving process go smoothly.

1. Moving Boxes

It’s ideal to use moving boxes designed for moving since they are specifically built for the moving and storage task. Moving cartons will keep your belongings protected better than boxes or totes intended for other things. In addition, moving boxes are sturdy and stackable. They generally come in three standard sizes, making the effort of packing and loading them on the moving truck or in the storage unit more convenient. You can get moving boxes from your professional household mover or a home improvement store. 

2. Packing Paper and Bubble Wrap

Packing paper and bubble wrap are essential when packing for a move. They help keep fragile items in the box from breaking. In a pinch, you can use towels and blankets for a few things, but if you are packing up an entire household, a large roll of bubble wrap and plenty of unprinted newsprint wrapping paper will go a long way to protect your belongings. 

3. Packing Tape

Expect to use a lot of packing tape to secure your boxes. Get plenty of packing tape, and remember the box tape dispenser too. Depending on how many people are packing up your home, you might want a few tape guns. When you have a lot of boxes, a proper tape dispenser will speed your process. 

4. Permanent Markers, Scissors, Box Cutter

You’re going to need lots of permanent markers to label boxes. You’d be amazed how quickly markers can dry up when you’re marking boxes, so be sure to keep several packages of permanent markers on hand. Also, thick-tipped markers make a bigger, bolder mark that’s easier to see, so be sure to buy thick markers. 

Scissors are helpful during the unpacking process, as are box cutters. Have both available! 

5. Labels 

Moving labels are a huge help in taking the guesswork out of your moving process. You can use pre-printed labels, color-coded labels, or create your own. 

Pro Tip: Make sure you label your boxes on each side so that the movers can easily see where to place your boxes at your new home —  no matter which direction they face.

6. Stretch Plastic Wrap

Use stretch plastic wrap, an industrial-strength version of standard kitchen plastic wrap, to bind items together. For example, use it to wrap up things like dresser drawers, electrical cords, and more. Stretch wrap might also help protect some furniture from dust, scratches, and damage.

Need More Packing Supplies? Talk to Your Moving Company

It takes many boxes, markers, and other packing supplies to pack and unpack a home properly. Your moving company can help you with this. Many moving companies have packing supplies available to customers. 

We can help ease your moving stress. Contact us for a free virtual moving quote today. 



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