May 22, 2020

How to Label Your Moving Boxes When You’re Ready to Move

The average American relocates between 11 and 12 times in their lifetime. That’s a lot of packing.

Why is labeling moving boxes so important? If you’re ready to move, having a reliable labeling system will lower your stress and time spent unpacking. If you’ve moved before, you’re aware of this already.  

Here are some tips to help make your move less stressful.

Ready to Move? Be Prepared

Before you begin packing, you’ll need to have a checklist and the necessary moving materials to organize and pack your belongings. Here are some of our recommended moving accessories.


Make sure you have a pack of permanent, waterproof markers in an assortment of colors. 

Box Labels

You can purchase box labels from an office supply store, print free moving label templates from the internet, or make your own. You can design your labels or use general purpose masking tape.

If you want to use a color system, get some colored tape to enhance your labeling system. 

Packing Boxes & Materials   

Moving boxes and packing material are available from a variety of places — including your moving company.

You can also supplement your box supply by visiting your local grocery store or large retailers for free boxes. Retail stores and grocery stores have shipments coming every day, and the majority of these boxes are flattened and recycled. Call stores to ask if they have any extra that you can have.

Newspapers, packing paper, and bubble wrap are excellent materials to pack around fragile items

How to Label Boxes 

Now that you have your moving materials, you can organize and pack. Here are some tried-and-true labeling systems: 

1. Color Code

The color-coding system is an excellent way to label your moving boxes. 

Give each room a color. For example, the kitchen is green; the bathroom is blue, etc. Use markers or colored tape and either write the room name on all sides of the box or place a piece of tape on each side. If you’re only using tape, make a list matching the colors to the rooms, so you don’t forget! 

If residential movers are helping you with your move, make sure they know the system you’re using. Make sure you also have a color code key at your new house. Hang a piece of paper outside the door of each room with the corresponding box color that belongs in that room.

2. Number.

Number each of your boxes so that you know how many are going into each room. You can do this along with a color-coding system. Write these numbers on your inventory list with a description of what’s in each box.

This is an excellent way to keep track of everything and to make sure nothing gets lost.

3. Label 

List what’s in each moving box on the box itself. This will cut down on the unpacking time. If you don’t have time to write this on each box, use a priority system. Write “H” on boxes that are high priority items, “M” for medium, and “L” for low.  

Start Packing! 

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