December 20, 2017

4 Tips For Packing Fragile Items

Every year, nearly 12% of Americans decide that it’s time to move.

When they do, they figure out their packing and moving logistics plan to ensure that their belongings make it safely to their new home.

Casualties of a move aren’t uncommon, but most are preventable. These 4 tips for packing fragile items will help you keep your breakables safe.

1. Take Inventory

First, prepare for a seamless move. Determine what kinds of fragile items you need to transport.

Grab a notebook. Start going through the house, inspecting where breakable items reside.

The list may be longer than you think.

Be sure to look for:

  • Collectibles like action figures, figurines, and vases
  • Drinking glasses and mugs
  • Picture frames
  • Dishes
  • Art projects made by you or your children
  • Keepsakes passed down in the family
  • Electronics
  • Kitchen devices

2. Acquire the Right Supplies

Now that you have a good idea about how many fragile items you need to pack, begin gathering supplies.

If you know about your move in advance, start saving packing materials from your Amazon packages well in advance. But these are rarely enough.

Liquor stores are a great place to find free packing materials. Many put their boxes out front one to two days a week. Just ask them what day.

These boxes will commonly have cardboard dividers that will perfectly fit most glasses.

Once you’ve exhausted the free options, buy a big roll of bubble wrap online. You’ll need it.

Avoid using newspaper. While plentiful in some households, it may leave ink stains on some items. Only use it on items where that won’t be an issue.

3. Learn the Best Way to Pack Common Breakables

Let’s look at how to pack some common items. For other items, a little creativity may be needed.

But you’ll have the know-how from this section.

No matter what, when you’re packing fragile items, heavier items always go on the bottom with a layer of crinkled paper or bubble wrap underneath.


Dishes should always be packed in smaller boxes since they’re so heavy. Trying to pack them all in one huge box is just asking for it. Even if you’re really careful, plates may break under the weight.

Wad up paper or use bubble wrap in between dishes. Put something around the edges to protect them from chips.


Wrap glasses individually with bubble wrap or paper. Place them in their compartments within the box.

Picture Frames

Wrap frames in bubble wrap and tape it down. Line a box with wadded paper and carefully set them inside.

4. Mark Boxes Clearly

It won’t do you any good to pack boxes perfectly if someone doesn’t handle the fragile ones with care.

To get a move completed in a decent amount of time, you’ll want to easily know which ones need an extra level of attention and which can be stacked to the ceiling of a moving van.

Packing Fragile Items Doesn’t Have to Be a Chore

Packing fragile items can be tedious. But with these steps, you can ensure that your breakables arrive intact.

Or just skip the whole packing process, and let us do it. We’ve got all the supplies and know-how to keep your fragile items safe.

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