March 5, 2021

How to Involve School-Aged Kids in Moving

Moving with kids is a little like herding cats. They don’t know what to do, and they’re probably not interested in doing it.

And yet, you want their buy-in so that the moving process isn’t a complete challenge. To do that, you’ll need to use the right kind of motivation.

Kids want to help out — they just get overwhelmed easily. Here’s how you can enlist their work without breaking the family.

Set Goals

Everyone likes to see themselves achieve their goals. That includes kids of all ages.

Do you have a chart on the wall for the kids to track homework or brush their teeth? You can do the same for moving.

The goals you set depends on what you need to do. In the beginning, you might set goals to pack one box a day. By the end, your kids may be able to handle more.

Offer Rewards

As any marketing expert will tell you, persuading someone to do something requires motivation. For kids, motivation calls for rewards.

Think about it this way. When you’re trying to build a good habit, you’ll reward yourself for doing just that. It might be a fun day or a purchase you want to make.

Kids like rewards even more than adults. Keep them small, and escalate them slightly with progress. That way, you’re not buying them a car by the end.

Keep Expectations Age-Appropriate

Kids are notorious for their short attention spans. If you try to make them focus longer than they can, you’ll struggle.

You wouldn’t expect a toddler to pack up their stuff alone. But it might not be reasonable to expect a teenager to do it, either.

Keep your goals short and easy to achieve in less than an hour. For younger kids, even a few minutes of helping you may be enough.

Track Progress

Kids love consistency. Moving tends to disrupt that. To build a sense of stability during this time, track your progress as you get closer to the move.

As your kids meet a goal, mark it visibly on the chart. Remind them of important days leading up to the move.

When you start to get tense and edgy, expect that they will too. If you can help them focus on the finish line, they’ll understand that it won’t last forever.

Be Realistic

Make your family moving plan and include assignments and deadlines. When developing your plan, use realistic goals and deadlines so that everyone can manage the process. Once you have your schedule mapped out – stick to it.

Family Move

Getting your kids to do their chores, learn to cook, or manage money is hard enough. Moving is an entirely different experience. Using these tips, you can provide a stable influence while you actually make progress as moving day approaches.

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