January 10, 2020

Effective Packing: Moving Tips for a Household Move

Do you find moving incredibly stressful? You’re not alone. 

Thankfully, there are ways to eliminate some of this stress. With a little planning and organization, your moving day can run smooth and efficiently.

Ready to get into some relocating tips? Keep reading!

Cut Back on Clutter

Make packing a breeze by getting rid of unnecessary possessions. Before you begin packing, purge unused items. Here’s a rule of thumb: if you haven’t used it in a year, pass it on through an organization like Goodwill. When you get rid of excess clutter, you have less to pack and move. Also, you’ll have more storage space in your new place.

Don’t Procrastinate 

We know, packing is stressful. But the more you put it off, the more overwhelming it is. 

A few weeks before your move, begin packing boxes. Start with the items that are not essential to your everyday life, like holiday decor or seasonal clothing.

The key is to pace yourself; this way, you won’t get overwhelmed with packing.

Schedule Utilities for Your New Place

Once you have a move-in date finalized, contact your utility company to have service switched to your new address. Also, don’t forget to request service stops at your old place. 

Keep Essentials Nearby

Pack essential things like a change of clothes, toiletries, and important paperwork separately. Keep these things in a separate box or suitcase that you keep near you on moving day. If any unforeseen situations arise, you’ll have these vital things nearby.

Choose Appropriate Boxes

Strong, sturdy cardboard boxes allow you to store and protect your belongings, from clothes to books, and dishes to electronics. The key to effective packing is using the right type of box and the correct sized box for your various items. 

For instance, a cardboard box holds plates and glassware. But, dish kits or glass moving kits are built explicitly with dividers and partitions to separate and protect each breakable item. Or, a wardrobe box comes complete with a hanger bar that allows you to transfer your clothes right from the closet to the box and then back to the closet without having to fold everything up.

Use the Right Filler

A cardboard box is the ideal starting point for packing your stuff; filler materials are what prevents your belongings from shifting around and possibly breaking during your household move. Filler materials like packing paper, foam packing peanuts, and bubble wrap, fill in the empty nooks and crannies in your boxes, which is essential for keeping things from shifting around and getting damaged. 

Lable or Color Code Boxes

Labeling all your boxes will help you stay organized and know which room each box belongs in. It may also help to keep an inventory of what you packed and how many boxes you have. This will also prevent boxes from going missing.

Can’t Get Enough Relocating Tips?

These are only a few relocating tips that will help make sure your move is smooth and easy. Check out our blog for more tips like this.

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