October 18, 2018

Don’t Break the Fine China! How to Pack Plates When Moving

Imagine the scene.

You’ve packed up all your clothes, bedding, knick-knacks, books. You’ve made trips across town, loading, and unloading. You’ve spent all the time and effort to wrap and label everything meticulously.

At least you thought you did.

You stand in your new kitchen and contemplate the first meal you’re going to make in your new home. You open the box labeled “Kitchen – Fragile Items.” You’re already dreaming about that savory chicken.

But what do you find inside the box?

A bunch of broken dishes.

If you want to know how to pack plates so that this scenario never happens to you, we’ve got all the tips right here.

1. Get Sturdy Dish Boxes

Regular boxes, if sturdy, can get the job done.

But if you want to take extra care to assure your plates will stay safe, consider using dish boxes. They’re also referred to as dish packs.

Regular cardboard boxes have one layer of corrugated cardboard. Dish boxes have two. This offers extra protection during transportation.

2. Packing Paper Is Your Friend

And so is bubble wrap.

Line the bottom of the box with a layer of protection. Thick wads of packing paper or bubble wrap will do the trick. There are different kinds of packing paper, so get whatever strength is best for your dishes.

Then it comes to wrapping plates. Lay your plate in the center of wrapping paper or bubble wrap. Fold the edges until it’s covered completely.

Repeat this process with three additional plates of the same size.

Stack the four plates together, then turn the stack upside down on another sheet of packing paper. Rewrap the entire bundle in the packing paper and seal it with tape.

3. Pack Plates Vertically

Because plates lay horizontally in your cabinet, it’s easy to assume the same should go for packing.

But this isn’t true.

Pack your plates sideways, or in a vertical manner. This will protect them better during the drive. If they’re horizontal, there’s a higher risk of them breaking.

Add more bundles to the box until it is packed snugly.

4. Keep Things Tight

Another way to protect your plates during the trip is to make sure there is no empty space in the box. Stuff the top of the box and all four sides with more of the packing paper.

Then tape the box shut. Reinforce the bottom of the box with more tape for added protection.

5. Label It and Keep It Low

Now get your sharpie marker ready for labeling.

Words like “Fragile,” “Delicate Items,” “This Side Up,” and “Kitchen” should do the trick. Professional movers will understand the tell-tale signs of a box of dishes. They’ll take extra precaution when moving.

When you’re loading your box of dishes, make sure you keep the box low. Don’t place it on top of anything too high, such as furniture or other boxes.

Now You Know How to Pack Plates Like a Pro

You’re all set to change cities! And when you get there, you can rest assured that you’ll be serving up yourself an excellent dinner in no time.

Now you know how to pack plates. But if you’re one of the 8.9 million people moving this year, there’s a lot more for you to learn. Check out our tried-and-true packing tips here!

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