January 22, 2021

Could You Move In 7 Days Or Less If You Needed To?

Imagine you’ve been offered a high-paying position, but you would have to relocate and begin work in one week. Or, perhaps your lease is about to expire, and you just found out the landlord doesn’t want to renew because the property is going on the market. There are a variety of reasons why everyday people find themselves tasked with moving on short notice. The question remains, could you move in seven days or less? If you hesitated, it might be in your best interest to review these short-notice moving tips.

Take No Action For One Hour

When you get the news that you have to move in one week, most people go into a full-blown panic mode. That state of mind may be one of the least effective at helping you get organized and achieving step-by-step goals.

People who practice mindfulness might tell you to relax, take deep breaths, and try to remain in the moment. Those are generally good methods for grounding yourself. If mindful meditation isn’t in your lifestyle, consider doing something for an hour or so to clear your head before getting started. 

Watching a movie, playing a video game, dipping a fishing line in the nearest pond, or sitting down with a nice cup of decaf, among others, are all excellent ways to relax. Once you’re steady, it’s time to get started.

Gather Packing Supplies and Necessities

Make a list of how many boxes you believe you need, as well as protective wraps, tape, labels, sharpies, and other necessities. Now increase your estimate by 10 percent. It’s better to have it and not need it than run around wasting time at the last minute.

Map Out A Timeline

Call a professional moving company to get a quote and schedule a time to transport your personal belongings.

Now, map out a plan and begin taking action.

Start by contacting the utility companies and schedule service to stop at the end of day seven or the morning of day eight, at the latest. If you have pets, schedule a time when they can be housed with a friend or professional care facility while the movers come. 

Lastly, make a day-by-day plan to box and label everything, room-by-room, and have it organized and ready for transport by the end of day six. If success seems unlikely in this truncated timeline, move on to Plan B.

If You Can’t Get Packed On-Time, Enlist Help

Moving in less than a week tends to test the limits of time. Given that you can only accomplish so much on your own, promptly contact friends and family members for help. If some of them can volunteer enough work hours to complete the tasks on time, supply the pizza and beverages. If not, reach out for professional help.

Experienced moving companies often have teams that specialize in packing. Explain this is a short-notice move and go over costs and a timeline. They will arrive with all the bubble wrap, boxes, dividers, and necessary tools to box up and label even the most fragile items efficiently. Depending on the timing, a full-service mover can probably have you on the road in less than seven days if necessary.

Moving Tips

For more tips on your move, check out our resources page. Metcalf Moving & Storage can help provide you with information for your upcoming move.


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