August 21, 2023

7 Tips for Reducing Anxiety Before a Move

Moving, especially with short notice, can be highly stressful. Organizing and packing with a strict deadline can make anxiety and stress skyrocket. Taking time before your move to relieve stress will make you feel better and help make the moving process easier and more efficient. Practice pre-move stress relievers to give yourself a break and ease your mind into tackling a big move.

1. Exercise

Even with a looming deadline for your move, it is essential to take time for yourself. Remember that your own health and wellness come first, and everything else in your life is secondary. Take about an hour a day to practice some form of exercise or physical activity. Exercise will keep you healthy and help you burn off stress with boosted endorphins. Some great ways to exercise include walking, hitting the gym, or relaxing with peaceful and meditative yoga.

2. Find a Brief Distraction

To avoid exhaustion, you should not devote every waking moment to your move. Find something each week to act as a distraction. Whether you curl up with a good book for a few hours or go to see a movie, finding an escape for a few hours can ease your mind and make the moving process less stressful. Just ensure your distraction is only a few hours and doesn’t entirely monopolize your free time.

3. Connect With Friends

Enjoying time with friends lets you blow off some steam and enjoy the company of others. Friends always make you feel better and can help you maintain a clear perspective for your move. Invite a few friends over to socialize while they help you pack. Many hands make light work, and you’ll get the added stress relief benefits of spending quality time with your loved ones.

4. Enjoy Time Outside

Break out of your home’s four walls and enjoy time outside. Being in nature is a perfect way to relieve stress and slow down. For example, you can visit a park or hike in the forest. Studies show that within minutes of being in nature, your body responds positively with boosted endorphins and dopamine flowing to the brain.

5. Make an Organized List

For some people, stress relief comes from visualizing the moving process. Consider making a to-do list. While it may seem like your tasks are overwhelming, visually seeing a short list can be soothing. Plus, the to-do list will help keep you organized and on schedule with your upcoming relocation.

6. Tackle Small Projects

The sense of accomplishment can make you feel great and relieve pre-move stress. Consider working on a small task even when you think the move is too much to handle. Set a small goal to complete each day. For example, you can pack one box or clean one room. Afterward, you’ll be amazed at how great you feel knowing you checked another item off your to-do list. Consistently completing small projects can quickly add up, making light work of an otherwise daunting move.

7. Use Professional Movers

If you are anxious about your impending move, consider hiring a moving company. A professional and experienced moving crew can take the load off your shoulders. You’ll feel less stress knowing you’re in good hands with a courteous and caring moving company. Contact us for a quote for your move.


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