June 20, 2022

6 Tips to Prepare for Packing Your Home for Your Move

When it’s time to relocate, the entire moving process can seem overwhelming, from packing to transporting all of your possessions. Like most other people, you likely have thousands of things to box up and move out. Here are tips to make the packing process more manageable for you and your family. 

1. Create a Checklist

A moving checklist is an ideal tool to make sure you don’t forget anything when packing up your household goods for a move. Consider creating multiple inventory lists to make it easier to manage each room. For example, you could create a list for each bedroom, bathroom, etc.

2. Secure Your Packing Supplies

Your successful move depends on your packing supplies. You will need to estimate the number of boxes you need, but be sure to get them in various sizes to accommodate all you have to move. Smaller cartons are ideal for heavy items like books, while larger boxes are excellent for pillows and comforters.

Make sure you gather the following:

  • Boxes in various sizes – including specialty boxes for things like televisions and appliances
  • Cushioning like bubble wrap and plenty of packing paper to wrap fragile items and fill in space in your boxes to prevent shifting
  • Labeling materials including labels, color-coded stickers, and thick black water-proof markers 
  • Packing tape complete with a tape gun and additional rolls. You might want to opt for at least a couple of tape guns as they make the packing easier.

3. Declutter Your Home

Whether moving into a larger or smaller home, now is an excellent time to declutter the unnecessary stuff in your life. Over the years, you have probably accumulated many extra things that will only make your packing more cumbersome. Not to mention that you will quickly fill up your new home with unnecessary junk. 

Get rid of as many items as you can. Sell them if you have time, or simply donate the useful items you no longer need. Donating items is an excellent and efficient way to declutter your life. 

4. Apply a Last-In, First-Out System

If you have ever relocated, you may have experienced the inconvenience of trying to find the items you need right after getting to your new home. Avoid the stress of not being able to locate specific things by using a last in and first out system. First, put your essential items aside, and then pack those close to the end of your packing process. Those should be the last items loaded on the truck so that they can be the first items off at the other end.

5. Pack Separate Essentials Kit

Preparing an essentials kit will undoubtedly save you time, effort, and frustration. Keep the box with you so that you can locate it and use its contents right away in your new house. An essentials box is vital for any relocation but will come in hand, especially with a long-distance move, if the rest of your belongings are delayed.

You might want to pack multiple essential kits — one for each family member or one for each necessary room. Then, label each one and have them ready for your personal vehicle come moving day. 

Variety of Moving Help

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