April 15, 2019

6 Simple Tips for Getting Involved in the Community After Your Move

You’ve gone through the arduous process of selling and buying, you’ve packed and (somewhat) unpacked, and now you’re settling into your new home.

You thought meeting your new neighbors and community would be the easiest part of this whole transition, but unfortunately being the new neighbor on the block comes with its own set of challenges.

Getting involved in the community is essential to make your new surroundings feel like home.

And you’re more than ready.

Here are six simple tips for meeting people, putting yourself out there, helping your kids find friends, and making long-lasting community relationships.

1. Be Personable

This is probably evident, but you have to be an approachable and friendly person if you want to make friends.

This can be as simple as waving, saying hello, and introducing yourself, or it can be as in-depth as striking up a conversation with the checkout clerk.

The more personable you are, the more memorable you’ll be.

2. Attend Local Events

Get involved in the community by researching and attending local functions. Head to a local community office or website and search for events in your area that interest you.

Put them on the calendar and be intentional about going (even if that means you’re going alone).

This gets you out of the house, helps you socialize, and brings you around like-minded people with similar interests.

3. Use Social Media to Connect

Social media can be a great resource to connect you with people in your community.

Networking sites like Facebook or Nextdoor, for example, are great tools for getting involved in the local government, events, parenting/interest groups, and more.

You can also use social media to see more behind-the-scenes of places, schools, parks, etc.

4. Shop and Support Local

When it comes to shopping, be sure to stay local. This will help you get to know the places around your town, of course, but also the people.

Also, support local teams and schools when you can.

5. Join What Interests You

Depending on what you’re interested in or value, there are countless opportunities to get involved in the community.

Join a local community center, gym/health center, or sports team, for example. These are all places where you will find like-minded people and instantly feel more connected.

Also subscribe to local blogs, newsletters/newspapers, etc. from these places of interest to stay updated on their events.

6. Volunteer Your Time

When you’re new to the neighborhood, it’s essential to learn how to improve your community. Volunteering is an ideal way to do that, while creating friendships, too.

When you volunteer your time, you give back; you also get to know people whose values align with yours and this can build relationships.

Above All, Just Be Yourself

Moving can be a daunting process, especially when it comes to getting involved in the community and making friends. Hopefully, these simple tips ease your mind, but above all, remember that the most important thing is to be yourself.

For more tips and ideas, or if you’re new to the Minnesota area and are looking for ways to get involved, here’s a list of things to do in Minneapolis.


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