March 22, 2019

Being Neighborly: What to Do When You’re New to the Neighborhood

Being the ‘new kid on the block’ can mean all eyes are on you when you move in. From the moment the moving truck arrives, you can bet that one or more of families nearby are curious about the new neighbors. Don’t become part of the growing trend of neighbors not having any relationship with those next door.

Satisfy their curiosity by making the first contact instead of waiting for someone to come to you. There are many ways to bond with new neighbors.

Whether you are an introvert or a social butterfly, follow these tips on what to do when you are new to the neighborhood.


A simple wave to other neighbors exiting the car is friendly but not intrusive. It shows the neighbor you acknowledge him or her without forced conversation.

Waving at neighbors who pass by in cars offers the same effect. It may encourage the driver to stop and introduce himself giving you a broader picture of the people in your neighborhood.

A warm smile and eye contact along with your wave open doors to new friendships and bonds. Seeing your warm smile shows them that you are open to the conversation even if they are too busy to chat right now.

Cut Your Grass

This is an unspoken way to demonstrate the kind of property owner or renter you plan to be. Taking care of your landscape adds value to everyone’s home in the neighborhood.

Often, the grass is already cut before you arrive. When this is the case, go the extra mile by adding mulch or potted plants to your front porch.

Send Kids as Ambassadors

If you are an introvert, consider sending your kids ahead of you to meet new neighbors who have children.

This works well in neighborhoods where children play outside often. Consider walking your child to and from the bus stop in the mornings where you might meet other parents doing the same.  

Use Social Media to Connect

Established neighborhoods often have Facebook groups you can join. Search for your new community on Facebook and request to join the group.

Nextdoor is another social networking app that connects people in the same area. These groups serve as an opportunity to both socialize and get educated about the neighborhood. Safety concerns and community events are often posted here.


Communities with active homeowners associations (HOA) may enlist the help of volunteers to reach neighborhood goals. Volunteering with the HOA puts you in contact with neighborhood leaders who are likely to know many neighbors.

Setbacks When New to the Neighborhood

There are some neighborhoods where smiling and waving is impossible because you never seem to see anyone outside. In this situation, a visit to the front door is the only way to connect with neighbors.

Don’t be nervous. When you are new to the neighborhood, you are simply there to make an introduction, not a sale.

Let neighbors know who you are and, if they don’t seem friendly, thank them for their time and move on. For more information on making a smooth transition during your move, visit our website.


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