August 27, 2021

5 Keys to Organizing Your Kitchen After a Move

Some statistics claim that the average home in America houses about 300,000 items, and a large portion of those items are in the kitchen. During your move, you’ll likely be handling every item in your kitchen, which means it is the perfect time to get your new kitchen space organized. Here is a look at a few keys to keep in mind to organize and manage your new kitchen after a move. 

1. Gather Boxes and Take Stock of Your Space

Bring all of your labeled boxes that belong in the kitchen into that space. First, do a quick assessment of how much space you have and how you can best use it. Then, before you start to unpack, think about: 

  • Where will you want your pots and pans
  • Which area will be the best place for different dishes
  • How you will display or store your small appliances 

If you want to take things a step further, pull out some tape and a marker and label each cabinet and drawer before you begin unpacking. This can be especially helpful if you have someone helping you unpack. 

2. Unpack Most Used Items First

You may be in a bit of a rush in the early days right after your move, so if you don’t have time to unpack your complete kitchen, that’s perfectly okay. However, make it a point to unpack the most used items first. Food, dishware, coffee mugs—these can all be the most important to access. 

3. Arrange Things Based on How Often You Use Them

A good rule to remember as you unpack is to make the items you use most the easiest to access. For example, if you use plastic storage containers daily, you don’t want those hidden far back in a bottom cabinet. You’re bound to run into a few items that you don’t necessarily use that often while unpacking. These items may need to be in your kitchen, but they tend to deserve a less prominent space. Consider which rarely used items can be tucked away safely in a less convenient area. 

4. Deal With Items Better Stored Elsewhere.

Kitchens can catch many items that don’t necessarily belong there—small hand tools, decorative items, and first aid supplies are excellent examples. Hopefully, you weeded these items out of your kitchen collection before packing. If not, go ahead and get these items out of the kitchen when you unpack instead of trying to make room for them in your kitchen where they don’t necessarily belong. 

5. Set Up Your Pantry

After moving, you may be tempted to just place everything in whatever spot you can find, but a little organization of your pantry items goes a long way. HGTV offers a few good pantry organization tips, such as: 

  • Categorize your like items together 
  • Use storage containers for freshness and easy viewing 
  • Utilize door and wall space if you need to 
  • Pick up a few clever organizers for spices, cans, and small items 

The more organized your pantry or food storage cabinetry, the easier it is to keep your stock rotated and grab what you need to prepare meals.

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