June 22, 2019

5 Essential Places to Change Your Address When Moving

The US Postal Service’s Mail Recovery Center dealt with 88 million items in 2014, only 2.5 million of those were returned to the customer.

If you don’t let the right people know about your new address when you move, yours could be one of those pieces of “lost” mail. Let’s look at a change of address checklist to see who to notify when you move.

Some Address Changes Are Required

There are a few places that you’re legally obligated to update, usually within a specific time after moving.

If you’re moving to another state, you need to replace your driver’s license with one from the new state. Most states have a 30-day window for making the change.

Most other changes aren’t technically required, but you’re still responsible for anything that’s sent to you, even if it goes to an old address. If you miss a bill payment, a legal notice, or some other important correspondence, you’re still liable for the outcome.

Your Change of Address Checklist

The first place you should change your address is the US Postal Service. You can use their online change of address service, or you can visit your local post office to pick up a Mover’s Guide packet.

They’ll forward your mail to your new address for up to 12 months, which gives you time to make the change everywhere else.

Tax Agencies

Update your address with both the IRS and your state tax agency. The IRS has information about changing your address on their website, and your state’s website has information about how to update it with them.

Even if you pay your taxes online and have automatic deposit set up for any refunds, you still need to change your address. Otherwise, you may miss relevant correspondence, which could lead to interest or penalty charges.

Social Security Administration

If you receive retirement, survivor, or disability benefits from Social Security, make sure you update your address with them. This is also the case if you’re enrolled in Medicare.

Similarly, if you’re a veteran, update your records with the Department of Veteran Affairs.

Global Entry, Nexus or TSA Pre-check

If you’re enrolled in Global Entry, Nexus, or TSA Pre-check, update your address as soon as possible. These services are all about reducing security risks so any discrepancies could lead to problems when you travel.

Banks and Other Financial Services

Update your contact information with any banks you deal with to ensure you don’t miss any important mail. Most banks let you update this information through their website, so you don’t have to make a trip into a branch.

The same goes for your credit cards – most let you update your contact information online. Don’t forget to inform any insurance companies you deal with, including home, renter, automobile, life, and health insurance.

Online Shopping and Subscriptions

If you shop online with sites like Amazon and eBay, update your shipping and billing addresses. You don’t want your orders going to the wrong address.

If you have any subscriptions like magazines, newspapers, and paid website memberships, be sure to make the change there as well.

Plan Ahead for Less Stress

Doing everything you can to reduce the stress of a move is essential. As soon as you know you’re going to be moving, start making a list of all the places you’ll need to change your address. Watch your mail for important correspondence, pay attention to email you receive, and whenever you order something online, add that company to your change of address notification list.

This change of address checklist covers the most common places, but you may find more when you start watching for them.

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