January 11, 2024

4 Tips for Moving A Blended Family

Bringing two families together under one roof is challenging, whether one set of parents and their children are moving in with the other or the two sets of parents are buying a house and planning to share it. Careful planning and preparation will make the transition smoother for everyone.

Consider these suggestions before your household relocation.

1. Think About the Kids When Setting Your Pace

For parents raising a family, the prospect of a serious romantic relationship brings up many feelings. The kids might be nervous about adjusting to life with a blended family. They might be concerned about the new household dynamics and rules.

They might also envy how the parent gets along with the stepparent or stepsiblings. On the other hand, they might be excited about additional siblings.

Adults might assume that moving in together is inevitable. But the kids may be still adjusting. Allow them to express themselves and validate their emotions first. After that, let them spend some time together to get to know one another before they move in together.

2. Establish Limits

Expecting a blended family to do everything as a single unit is unrealistic. Finding a balance can assist in preventing clashes.

Consider establishing limits, setting boundaries, and dividing time with family members.

  • Date-night time as a couple without kids
  • Quality time spent with one’s own children
  • Time together as a whole family.
  • Personal time for each parent while the other takes turns watching the children

3. Make Positive Use of Space

Everybody has treasured mementos and personal items. A successful relocation requires making room for these items in both shared and private areas, even if other family members do not appreciate their significance.

Individual space is essential for children. If possible, give each of them a separate room and some freedom, and do not touch their belongings. 

Assist them in setting ground rules if they plan to share a room. Every child should have a personal space of their own. Establish a rule that restricts a child from borrowing or touching any personal things of other kids without specific permission from the owner.

If one family is moving into a home where the other family has been living, consider switching things up. Consider moving both kids into another bedroom as an alternative to having one child move into a room that had previously belonged to another child. If that’s impossible, consider redecorating or rearranging the room with input from both kids so the shared space feels more cohesive to both.

4. Set Realistic Goals

Your new blended family will be unique from what you experienced before, so manage your goals and expectations accordingly. Allow time for you, your partner, and all the children to get used to the new relationship and find a new way to be a family. Allow time for everyone to acclimate to their new home and blended family.

Family Relocation

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