May 6, 2022

4 Tips for Getting Kids Acclimated in a New Place

Moving holds plenty of stresses and complexities on its own, but moving with children can be a trying experience. Aside from the logistics of planning the move, keeping children safe during the move, and getting their rooms set up, parents also have to face getting kids acclimated to a new place.

Getting accustomed to a new home means several things, including getting used to a new room, making friends, and attending a new school, just to name a few changes. New situations can be a challenging experience for children of any age. Here are four tips you can try to help your kids get used to your new surroundings.

1. Tell Kids Early About the Move

Moving is not the time to surprise kids of any age. Tell them early about the move. Keeping them in the loop once you settle your plans is essential, but how you approach this depends on their ages. Older children are not likely to be happy about moving, and younger children may be more bewildered than anything else. It’s essential to keep kids in the loop and give them time to adjust. Be prepared to listen, acknowledge, and understand their feelings through the hustle and bustle. Show empathy and let them express what they’re thinking.

2. Visit New Surroundings

Visiting new surroundings is an important step. If possible, visit your new home, school, or neighborhood before moving to familiarize your family with the area, so it’s not so strange upon arrival. Visit museums, libraries, shops, restaurants, parks, and other exciting places. However, as you try to generate excitement, be sure to give your kids closure and say goodbye to everything else they’ve known up until now.

3. Make Kids’ Rooms “Homey”

When prepping boxes to move, carefully label any containers holding those critical items that give children comfort, enjoyment, or familiarity. For instance, some of the initial boxes to unpack should contain favorite blankets, sleep items, and toys.

Maybe add a new “Welcome to your new room item” to make it exciting. For example, young kids might be thrilled at finding new toys in their boxes, whereas teens might appreciate new bedding, décor, or even gift cards to let them pick out new stuff on their own and order it.

4. Let Kids Help Unpack their Rooms

In addition to making sure that specific items are in the room, let kids help unpack their stuff. Additionally, if old enough, allow them to decorate and arrange their rooms. If they participate, children will feel a stronger sense of ownership of their new space.

Regardless of their age, any child is likely to experience sadness, anger, anxiety, or other emotion that can negatively affect their well-being. Taking deliberate steps to ease their worries and make them feel more comfortable with the move will offset any stress.

Moving Made Easy

Striking a balance between your stress and the kids’ emotions can be tricky, but the above steps should help ease the transition to your new home. Of course, one of the best ways to reduce stress is to let the experts help do the heavy lifting.

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