April 4, 2022

Tips to Make Your New House Feel Like Home After Your Move

You’ve finally moved into your new home after months of preparation. But, it might not quite feel like your own yet. However, doing a few simple things will quickly make your new house feel like home.

Focus on Bedrooms and Closets First

Most people tend to focus on the common areas of the home first. However, focusing on bedrooms can give each house member a cozy place that feels like their own right away. Set up the nightstands, lamps, and mirrors, and perhaps add rugs and artwork.

Organizing your bedroom clothes closets will simplify your first day at work because you won’t have to hunt for your favorite outfit. Also, perhaps consider upgrading your closet by replacing your hangers so that they all match.

Dress the Windows

Many homes come only with mini blinds or shades. Dressing up the windows with curtains that suit your personality and sense of design can make the house feel like a home. The curtains also can help regulate the inside temperature.

Bring Out the Familiar

Sometimes one or two particular sights and sounds say “home” to us. For example, a familiar and perhaps sentimental grandfather or cuckoo clock may make you feel cozier. Unpack these items first to make your new house feel homier.

Improve Air Quality

Clean the house from top to bottom. Then add whatever scents bring you comfort. For some people, these scents will be floral. The smells of sizzling steaks and fine wine do the trick for others.

Add Houseplants

Adding greenery can freshen up the air and look of the new home. However, consider the amount of light carefully and choose plants that will be healthy in the space. If you’re afraid you’ll kill your plants, opt for easy-to-manage succulents.

Create a Luxurious Bath

Add rugs, shower curtains, toilet paper, and pretty towels to your bath. Also, consider upgrading to a whirlpool tub or steam shower to help you wash away the cares of the day.

Change the Walls

The walls offer an excellent opportunity to show your decorating style. If allowed, paint the walls in your favorite colors. Otherwise, consider wallpaper or wall decals to add some personality.

Stock Up on Grocery Essentials

Make an early run to the local grocery store. Stocking your fridge and cabinets full of your favorite staples will help shake off the feeling that your home isn’t your own.

Unpack Books

If you love books, your house will feel more inviting with books surrounding you. Unpack your books and organize them in a helpful way, such as alphabetically or by genre.

Sequester the Boxes

Once you’ve unpacked some boxes, move the others to one room. You’ll feel more settled if most of your rooms are without boxes.

Keep the Same Routines

Try to mimic some of your essential routines. If you used to drop your keys and shoes in a particular place in your old home, try to re-create that space in your new home, for example.

We Can Help

Let us help you on your relocation journey. Contact us for a free quote. We can help with the pack, moving, and even the unpacking so that you can focus on settling into your new home.



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