Move Date:

    Local Moving Checklist

    6 Weeks Prior to Move: Organizing details.

    • Create a “Move Information” file for all moving-related documents.
    • Contact insurance agent to transfer and adjust property, fire and auto insurance.
    • Gather irreplaceable items to carry with you on your move (wills, stock certificated, jewelry, photos, etc.).
    • Complete change-of-address forms: available form your local post office or online at www.usps.com.
    • Create a floor plan of your new home and begin planning where to place furniture.

    4-5 Weeks Prior to Move: Taking an objective look.

    • Decide what will go with you and what can be left behind. Remember: The more you move the more it will cost.
    • Make a list: items to leave behind, items for Mayflower to move and items you’ll move yourself.
    • For each item in the “leave behind” pile- decide if you’re going to sell it, give it away or dispose of it before your move.
    • Have a garage sale at least two weeks prior to your move and advertise it locally.
    • Decide which items you want professionally packed.
    • Start collecting suitable boxes and packing materials. Ask your moving representative for a “Do-It-Yourself Packing Guide.”

    3 Weeks Prior to Move: Working with your mover.

    • Notify your Mayflower representative if there are any changes in what you’re moving, changes to dates or if you have other needs related to your move.
    • Arrange for a babysitter on move day (for young children) so you can concentrate your efforts on the move. More tips for moving with children.
    • Clear off worktables and place rakes, shovels and hoses in one location.
    • We cannot accept responsibility for safely moving plants, so consider moving them yourself of giving them away.
    • Change address with magazines and newspapers.

    2 Weeks Prior to Move: Preparing items you don’t use often.

    • Make your final packing decisions.
    • Clean and clear your home, including closes, basements and attics.
    • Plan meals to use up food in your freezer.
    • Drain the oil and gasoline from lawnmower and power tools to ensure safe transportation.
    • Tape and seal all non-toxic, non-flammable fluids in plastic bags.
    • For moving appliances, schedule disconnection and preparation. Your Mayflower relocation consultant can help you with that.
    • Back up all computer files and consider saving them in an online location or carrying them with you. Be sure to disconnect your computer and pack it (unless we are packing it for you).
    • If you need to store anything, ask your consultant about storage options.

    1 Week Prior to Move: Tie up all loose ends.

    • Check through the Move Planner, provided by your Mayflower representative – to be sure you haven’t forgotten anything.
    • Arrange to have your utilities (electric, gas, phone, etc.) disconnected the day AFTER your scheduled move-out.
    • Call ahead to have utilities connected at your new home the day before, or the day of, your move in.
    • Make it clear which items you are taking yourself. If you have a closet or extra room available, put all of these items together and label them accordingly to avoid confusion.
    • Give your representative phone number(s) to reach you during the move.
    • Clean your stove, empty, defrost and clean your refrigerator and freezer at least 24 hours before moving to let them air out. Try using baking soda to get rid of any odors.

    Move Day: Take a final look around.

    • Be on hand when the movers arrive.
    • When the crew arrives, review details and paperwork.
    • It’s your responsibility to make sure everything is loaded- so remain at home until loading is completed. Do a final walk-through before the crew leaves.
    • Take a final look: lights are off, furnace/AC is off, water is off, utilities arranged for disconnection, closets are checked, windows and exteriors are closed and locked, old house keys/garage door openers left for new occupants.
    • Be there to greet movers at your new home. Plan to stay around to direct the placement of your items and answer questions.
    • Have payment on hand for moving charges. If you wish to pay by credit card, have that set up prior to the move.
    • Make sure all utilities have been connected.
    • Confine your pets to an out-of-the-way room do they aren’t agitated by the activity.
    • To prevent damage, avoid using TVs, computers and other electronic equipment and
      appliances 24 hours after delivery- allowing them time to adjust to room temperature.
    • Enjoy your new home!

    You can download a PDF version of our Movers Checklist here.

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