February 2, 2016

Your Metcalf Moving Consultant

After contacting our office and setting up a visual survey appointment, you will meet your Metcalf moving consultant.  This representative will visit with you in your home and will ask you to take them on a complete tour of your residence.  As you take them through your home, be sure to include attics, closets, basements, storage sheds, garages, crawl spaces and any other places that might contain items that you need to move.

Once the tour of your home has been completed, your moving consultant will be able to calculate the approximate weight of your shipment.  The weight of your shipment will enable your consultant to determine the estimated cost to move your items.

Here are few of the things to go over during the visit:

PACKING—–Will you be packing all of your cartons?  Do you want us to pack everything?  Or would you like to pack some items and have us pack the rest?  We can easily mix and match our services for you

VALUATION COVERAGE—–We offer several different options of valuation coverage.  You will be responsible for choosing the type of coverage you would like to have during your move.

DATES—–When do you want to move?  It is important to make sure you get your dates scheduled well in advance so your consultant can reserve a spot for you on our schedule.  Determine when you have to be out of your current home and when you can move into your new home, then provide that information to your consultant and they can help you set up dates that will work best for you.

SPECIAL ITEMS—–If you have any items of high value or that you are especially concerned about, be sure to point those out to your consultant and they will determine the best way to handle those items during the move process.

DESTINATION—–Give your consultant the address you are moving to and whether there is anything unusual about the destination accessibility, such as parking permits required, elevators to be used and/or reserved, limited truck size allowed, for example.

Your moving consultant will provide you with helpful brochures and other information about your move, along with a detailed estimate of charges for your move.  They will be a wonderful source of information and are prepared to help you in every way possible.

Give us a call…… of our consultants is waiting to meet you now!


    Yes, I want a virtual survey.

    Trudy Fingal was my move consultant for the second time and she was nothing short of outstanding both times! She genuinely has passion for making the move as easy for the customer as possible and routinely goes above and beyond!

    - Jill L.

    Message About Covid 19
    We are open for business as usual while we prioritize the health of our customers and employees above all else. We also offer virtual surveys for all of our customers so you can receive a quote while staying at home and practicing social distancing. Read more about our COVID-19 safety precautions..