September 13, 2018

Your Long-Distance Move: Tips to Avoid a Disaster

If you are currently going through the process of moving, then we understand the amount of stress you are probably feeling. A survey found that 61% of people ranked moving as more stressful than any other life event they’ve experienced.

Sure, moving can be overwhelming, especially a long-distance move, but we don’t think it always has to be. If you’re looking for tips on how to move long-distance without it turning into a debacle, then search no further.

In this article, we’ve compiled some key long-distance moving tips to help the move go smoothly and avoid any major mishaps. Let’s get started.

1. Make a Checklist

When it comes to a big long move, we love the idea of checklists. Whether it’s for packing up your belongings, or breaking down the steps of your move, an easy to follow list is the way to go.

This article has a great checklist that breaks the big move down for you by the timeline.

2. A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Words

How many times have you unplugged your TV and components only to wish you had taken a picture of the cables and how they were configured? From lighting fixtures, electronics, and appliance settings, a quick photo will save you hours when it comes to setting it back up your new home.

3. Keep Important Items With You

Essential items and personal documents should stay with you as you travel. Pack an “essentials box” as well as an “important documents box.”

The “essentials box” should contain the necessary personal items you will need in the short term. Include medicines, toiletries, cleaning and maintenance items, chargers, etc.

Your “important documents box” should include bank statements, tax returns, social security cards and other documents that contain sensitive, personal information. Avoid sending your personal documents with the moving company in a long-distance relocation.  

4. Don’t Pack Food or Liquids

Packing food and liquids for a long-distance move is not a good idea. Even nonperishable foods can be damaged and ruined.

Before the move, avoid buying groceries that might accumulate. Try to eat the items before the day of your move. Throw or give away any foods left in your pantry and refrigerator before the day of the move. This will help keep bugs and other pests out of your moving boxes as well.

Besides, liquids tend to leak from containers even when they’re well sealed. And, it isn’t safe to transport liquids in a long-distance relocation, particularly chemicals that might get your other stuff wet.

5. Get Proper Insurance Coverage

Most experienced long-distance movers are excellent at their job. But, there are many risks with long-distance moving, and sometimes accidents happen. It’s a great idea to inquire about the insurance coverage with your moving company. For comfort and peace of mind, consider additional protection beyond the primary coverage offered by moving companies.

6. Hire the Right Moving Company

We understand you and your family have needs and that’s why we suggest you consider your options before hiring a moving company. Here are some things to consider before selecting a moving company:

  • Do you need assistance packing?
  • Do you need loading help?
  • Do you need a truck or containers?
  • Do you need items stored?
  • Do you need your delivery at a specific time?

Be sure to choose a company that fits your specific needs to ensure your move goes smoothly.

Let’s Keep Things Moving

If you have any other questions about your long-distance move, we invite you to contact us. Our moving and storage company is always here to help you on your new adventures.


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