November 9, 2023

What to Expect From a Home Inspection as a Seller

Congratulations! You’ve recently accepted an offer on your home, and you’re moving on to the following stages of the selling process. More than likely, your buyer will want to schedule a home inspection before proceeding with the transaction—but what exactly does a home inspection entail, and what should you expect?

Specifically, a home inspection is a service many buyers use to assess a home by a professional. Inspectors look for signs of underlying issues in a house that the buyer would want to know before finalizing the purchase.

Read on to learn about your role in the home inspection process as you prepare to sell your home and relocate.

You Don’t Have to Pay for an Inspection

First, understand that a home inspection is almost always the buyer’s responsibility. With this in mind, you should only be asked to pay for a home inspection if you want to have one done for your own information and peace of mind). Typically, a home inspection costs somewhere in the ballpark of $340—so knowing that you’re not on the hook for this expense should be welcome news!

Expect to Leave During the Inspection

It’s not uncommon for a professional home inspector to ask that you vacate the home for the inspection itself. This will allow them to closely examine all aspects of the property without interruption or intrusion.

If you wish to remain on the property during an inspection, speak with your buyer’s real estate agent. They may be able to make an exception. However, home inspections generally only take a couple of hours—so if you can find something to do nearby while the inspector works, that would be ideal.

You Might Not Get a Copy of the Report

Remember, your buyer is the one who paid for the service. As a result, you may not get a copy of the inspector’s report. While you can request one, your buyer is not obligated to provide this information to you.

For this reason, many sellers have their own inspections done before they even list their homes. This way, they can have an opportunity to address potential maintenance issues before getting too involved in the process.

Findings Might Lead to Negotiations

If the inspection reveals some previously undetected or undisclosed issues with your home (such as a leaky roof or a malfunctioning furnace), don’t be surprised if your buyers ask to lower the asking price or request a credit to tackle the repairs. Sometimes, the buyers might ask you to remedy the issues before closing.

Of course, you can always negotiate. Your buyer cannot expect to move into a perfect home with no issues, so it’s up to you what you’ll agree to repair. If you have a real estate agent representing you, they can help you negotiate after the home inspection report comes back.

Feeling Stressed About Your Move?

Home inspections can be stressful for buyers and sellers alike, but they’re essential to the transaction and help keep everybody informed.

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