November 27, 2020

What to Do When You Move Your Business: A Complete Checklist

What do you think is the most important thing to remember when moving a business?

According to the CEO of a local movers marketplace, communication is vital. Your business plan to move the business should include more than the cost to hire a mover to relocate it.

You need to get the word out, and not just to your employees.

Are you planning to move a business? Keep reading to learn some tips on what to do when you move your business.

Announcing the Move

When you decide to relocate your company, it’s essential to communicate your plans internally and externally. First, your employees should be in on the plan early to make adjustments to their lives if the move affects them personally. They can also perform tasks to help you get the move organized.

Your external plan keeps your suppliers, clients, and vendors informed of your schedule and business activities. This helps you keep to business as usual during the move.

One essential way to keep everyone informed is to make sure your social media accounts are updated.

When Will You Move?

What is your time frame? When is your final day in your current location?

Make a schedule based on all that you need to do before the moving company arrives. Plan how you’re going to handle business during the move because it will probably take a few days.

Make a Checklist

Consider things like hiring a moving company and setting up your internet service at the new place and everything in between.

A checklist helps you keep track of what you’ve done and what you still need to do.

Give Everyone a Task

Your employees will feel like they’re part of the team if you include them in the moving plans. Set up a committee and give each employee a task or two to keep you on schedule.

A committee might come up with additional tasks that you did not have on the list as well.

Hire the Moving Company

Start looking for a moving company early in this process. Interview companies and get quotes. Find out exactly how they carry out the move.

Look for a company that will work with you to develop a plan to minimize your operations’ impact. They must help you get up and running in your new location as quickly as possible.

Perhaps you need after-hours and weekend moving services to lessen the moving burden. Moving during off-hours helps to keep from disrupting your employees’ lives during critical business times.

Also, look for a company that can provide a relocation consultant to work closely with you to make sure your office is moved to your precise specifications.

Commercial Moving and Home Moving Services: What To Do When You Move

Now that you know what to do when you move your business, you can get started on your checklist. Whether you’re deciding the best place to move a business or researching how to move a business from one state to another, do you know who can make it all happen?

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