February 26, 2021

Ways to Learn About Your New Community

Moving to a new community can be an exciting experience for some and a daunting experience for others. If you’ve moved alone, being in a new community also can be lonely at first. Learning about your new community and meeting your new neighbors will help you settle in and enjoy your new life.

Research Before You Move

You can learn a lot about the community before your residential move. If you know people who already live in the community, the upcoming move provides an excellent opportunity to contact them to learn about their experiences. 

You also can contact the Chamber of Commerce, visit the city’s website, or visit online user forums, such as Reddit and, to glean information., a nonprofit that empowers parents to unlock educational opportunities for their children, provides local school information.

Get to Know Your Neighbors

During the first days after your move, set aside time to introduce yourself to your new neighbors. While this may seem to be a low priority, neighborhoods where people know each other are often safer because people look out for each other. 

Find ways to start conversations with your neighbors when you see them. Pets are a great ice-breaker; walking your dog in the local park may be an excellent way to make new friends.

Take a Walk

Walking is good exercise and an excellent way to de-stress after a move. Walking also will help orient you to your new surroundings. If you have children and pets, a walk provides them with an opportunity to explore as well.

Mark a Map

As you drive or walk around your new neighborhood, draw a handmade map with key locations or mark a pre-printed one. You might highlight the bank, ice cream store, grocery store, local parks, restaurants, places of worship, and other places of interest.

Map out your daily routines, as well. For example, map out several commuting routes and the route to the gym, bank, and grocery store.

Tour the Sights

Do some research into the history and cultural events that define your new city. Visit those sites and events, just as a tourist would. Spend an afternoon in its museums or checking out a restaurant that’s received good reviews. Add photos from these sites to your handmade map.

Find the Local Hotspots

The locals’ favorite spots can be vital to learning about the community’s values and vibes. Ask around to discover the best brunch sites, coffee shops, etc. Make a list and schedule visits to each one.

Join Community Organizations

Most libraries have information on organizations that benefit the community and fuel your passions. These groups will provide a great way to meet people while also contributing to your new neighborhood. For example, you might volunteer to help in a local food pantry or soup kitchen, pick up trash along a trail, or walk to raise money for a cause. 

Getting Ready for Your Move?

If you’re planning your move, we are here to help. Contact us for a quote or check out our blog for other tips. 



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