March 29, 2019

Wait! Are You Making These 5 Big Mistakes During an Office Relocation?

Almost every business will change office locations at some point. If your business is expecting an office relocation, you should ensure the whole process runs smoothly.

Here are five mistakes many business owners make during the office relocation process.

1. Not Making a Checklist

Creating a moving checklist ensures the process will be less stressful and you remember all critical points of your move.

That’s why it’s essential you make a checklist before you start the move.

Start making your checklist long in advance. Use your list as a schedule to see when you should pack up these items. Keep a checklist to ensure you didn’t forget anything.

Avoid making your checklist too long and complicated. Keep the list short and easy-to-read so you can quickly refer to the list when you need to.

2. Not Assigning Roles

Assign different roles to your staff members. Choose a reliable person from the executive or management team to help you oversee the process. Let each team be responsible for packing the items they use every day.

This ensures there are few risks of poor communication and disorganization.

3. Lack of Communication

Did you inform your staff about your moving day plans? If not, you’re creating unnecessary stress on moving day, and there won’t be as much productivity.

Inform your staff in advance about the moving day. Be sure to send regular reminders with information about the new office.

You should also keep communication open on moving day. Inform staff they can reach out to you for help and be there to answer any questions.

4. Not Checking Your Equipment’s Performance in the New Office

There’s no guarantee your equipment will work in the new office. There may be other issues, such as not enough power outlets or a weak WiFi signal.

Visit the new office before the move and know how the space supports different technology. Test a simple piece of technology such as your laptop.

5. Not Planning Your New Office Layout

Before moving day, visit your new office and have an idea of where everything will go. If you do not do this step in advance, it’ll take longer to set up your furniture and equipment.

Know the measurements of your biggest furniture pieces and equipment to ensure you can find a place for them. Use office design tools to determine the layout.

In addition, plan out additional rooms, such as the break room and conference rooms.

Office Relocation Is Easier with Professional Help

Are you planning a major office relocation project? Don’t make these same mistakes, but also don’t move to a new office without the aid of professional movers.

We’re based in Minneapolis and St. Paul. We are one of Minnesota’s most experienced moving companies with experience working with commercial clients. Get your free moving quote today.



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