June 13, 2022

Utility Set-up When You Relocate

Relocating to a new home is thrilling but stressful. You have all the packing and moving to deal with, but you also have to coordinate things like utility set-up. Since utilities are necessary, here is a quick guide for setting them up in your new home.

What Are Utilities?

Utilities are fee-based services available to renters and homeowners vital to your home.

Public Utilities

Power, gas, water, sewer, and garbage are public utilities. Usually, your city will have one provider for each of these utilities. You can’t select your utility company in most cases, but sometimes you can choose your retail supplier. Research the area you are moving to find your options.

Private Utilities

Private utilities are services offered by a variety of privately-owned companies. These utilities include internet, cable, and security services. There are usually several options for each of these services, which allows for competitive pricing, but it depends on your area.

Setting up Utilities

Select a Provider

If you live in a community with a choice of an energy supplier, you’ll need to select public utility providers. But, again, do your research by comparing prices, reading reviews, and even asking people like your realtor for information to make the best decision for your needs.

Schedule Set-Up and Start Dates

After you choose your providers, contact them to schedule set-up and start dates. Most have websites that will facilitate your request. Some utility services might require a technician to come to your home to activate or install equipment.

Two to three weeks before you move, you should start canceling, establishing, or transferring your utility services. You can probably handle this online, but you might need to make some calls too. Make sure you have the following information available before contacting the utility companies:

  • Account details and passwords for current accounts 
  • Current and new home address
  • Payment information
  • Social Security numbers (for establishing new accounts as many companies run a credit check)

Note the dates you want each service turned on and off so that you don’t overlook anything or give incorrect dates.


Most service providers recommend the convenience of automatic payment. Auto payments allow a withdrawal of the exact bill amount each month and reduce the risk of late fees because of forgetfulness or other unforeseen circumstances.

Be sure to pay any balances before a utility’s end date. Leaving outstanding balances on an old account can put your credit score at risk.

Other Details

  • Make sure that you get back any previous deposits.
  • Check to see if your paid prorated services have been refunded.
  • Return equipment like modems or cable boxes.
  • Give your new address to the companies that will bill for final service.
  • Do a final meter reading and take photos to make sure your final bill reflects your actual usage.

Moving the Right Way

Set up your utilities a couple of weeks before moving to your new house or apartment. Plan to overlap services by a day in case of any moving delays. Then, you will have the appropriate services up and running when you arrive!

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