August 1, 2015

Two Month Moving Countdown: 2 Weeks Out

Plan for pets and overlooked items

Dog in front of house

Coordinate your pet’s move.
Reconfirm travel plans for pets. Will you need to board them or leave them with friends?

Take your pet to the vet.
Take your pets to their veterinarian to be sure you have all required health certificates and inoculations required for your destination state.

Don’t forget to pick up items from servicers.
Pick up anything you’ve had cleaned, repaired, altered or serviced.

Retrieve locker items.
Empty lockers at places such as the club, gym, dance studios, sports training facilities or bowling alleys.

Empty safe deposit boxes.
Do you have wall safes or hidden places for valuables throughout your house? Don’t leave thousands of dollars worth of valuables in a wall for the next occupant to find.

Return borrowed items.
Be sure to return library books, schoolbooks and anything you may have borrowed from friends or neighbors.

Connect with your move coordinator.
Reconfirm all details with your move coordinator.





The Metcalf team is outstanding. Our hats are off to Aaron, Stephanie, Donnet and Murphy the driver. All did a super job and are also very nice people.

- Bob & Deb J.