January 24, 2022

Top Things New Homeowners Should Do ASAP

Becoming a homeowner and moving into that new home is exciting. But, while you may be tempted to relax and put your feet up after move-in day, you still have some work to do in your new home.


Make a fresh start. If possible, thoroughly clean the home before moving in your furniture. For example, vacuum and clean the carpets, sweep and mop the floors, bleach the bathrooms, clean the appliances, and wipe down cabinets and closets.

Familiarize Yourself With the Home

You toured the house and did a final inspection before moving in, so you likely know the layout of the rooms. However, you may not have previously noticed the locations of some important objects. For example, be sure you find the electric panel, main water shutoff valve, air filters, and smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.  Also, change any filters and detector batteries, as needed.

Keep Your Home Secure

Many people you don’t know may have keys to your home that previous owners gave them. To keep your home secure, buy new door hardware set at a local store and change the locks. Be sure to have multiple copies made of your new key and give one to a trusted friend or neighbor in case of emergencies. 

If you are interested in additional security, consider the possibilities of home alarm systems, security cameras, or other outdoor lighting.

Plan for Emergencies

The best time to find suitable tradespeople is before a crisis occurs that makes them a necessity. Ask your neighbors to recommend a good plumber, electrician, and handyperson and put their contact information in a safe place.  Buy a fire extinguisher and keep it accessible in the home.

Obtain Safety Stickers

Visit the local fire department to obtain window stickers that will help keep your children and pets safe in an emergency. Place them on the windows where your children and pets sleep. 

Develop a Seasonal Maintenance Checklist

To keep your home in good condition, you must perform specific tasks regularly. Developing a checklist for these tasks will help make sure you stay on top of them from the start. 

Spring/summer tasks include:

  • Cleaning out gutters
  • Checking and replacing detector batteries
  • Fertilizing and planting new grass
  • Checking central AC units or installing window units
  • Cleaning out the dryer vent and ceiling fans
  • Staining or painting the deck or patio (if needed)
  • Tuning up your lawnmower 

Fall/winter tasks include:

  • Having your chimney swept
  • Inspecting and cleaning out your boiler or furnace
  • Storing hoses and shut off outdoor water faucets
  • Moving outdoor furniture inside and storing or covering window air conditioning units
  • Tuning up your snowblower

Make It a Home

Take the time early in your move to put up photographs and memorabilia meaningful to you. Consider repainting some rooms in colors that bring you joy. Put down some of your favorite rugs or take a shopping excursion to buy new ones. Once you have installed your favorite things, the new house will feel more like home.

Help Getting There

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