June 14, 2018

Top 5 Moving Hacks

There’s no getting around it: certain parts of moving can’t be made quicker or easier. But, the internet is full of moving tips, so why not take advantage of them? Don’t make your own mistakes; learn from the experience of others!

Regardless of where you’re moving or why these universal hacks are sure to make your move simpler.

From utilizing items that are already in your house, to making the most out of your space, we’re here to offer sound advice. Let’s come up with a moving plan.

5 Moving Hacks You Need to Know

Why spend more money on intricate bubble wrapping and complex storage when you could utilize things you already have?

Most of these hacks will remind you to use what you’ve got in your home to help with safe transportation of your items.

1. Create A Moving Supply Caddy

If you’re tired of misplacing the scissors, tape, labels, or markers, this is a moving hack you’ll love.

It’s not necessary to use any specific container. A shower caddy, small box, little toolbox, or even a small storage bin will work.

As long as your moving supplies will fit in it, you just need to label it and fill it. It’s organized and portable, and an efficient way to keep everything in one spot as you pack up.

2. Clothing as Padding

Everything that needs to remain on a hanger can be transferred to your new home in wardrobe boxes. You could also try vacuum-sealed bags to make prime use of space.

But the bulky sweatshirts and thick socks? Why not use those for padding?

Wrap delicate items in clothing to prevent breakage and give your clothing a job.

3. Take Photos

You might want to replicate some parts of your current house in your new home. Get out your phone and take photos of your styled bookshelves or furniture arrangements before you start packing so that you can use those photos as your guide when you move into your new place.

Also, remember to snap pictures of cords and electronic hook-ups to help cut down on the post-packing set-up.

4. Got Suitcases?

Wheeled luggage is excellent when you’re traveling. It’s even better when you’re moving. Have you ever picked up a full box of books?

Instead, use your wheeled luggage to transport your books and other heavy objects. Your back will thank you, and you won’t have wasted packing space.

Suitcases aren’t only for vacation. Load them to the brim and use them as boxes on moving day!

5. Get Your New Room Ready

Set aside any items you’ll need right away once you move.

Designate at least one box for items you’ll want right away; essential items like moving documents and personal identification; and any non-perishable food items to restore yourself after a long day.

Also, pack some fresh bed linens in dresser drawers, so they are readily available to make up the beds in your new home after a long moving day. No need to go searching through boxes at the end of your move. The bed linens will be right there.  

Moving Day

You’ve made it!

Moving is as fun and exciting as it is stressful and time-consuming. We know that. That’s why we want to make it easier on you, so that you can enjoy the good parts.

Starting fresh in a brand-new home leaves opportunity for getting rid of things that no longer serve you; that you no longer need or want; and allows you to grow through the struggle.

Take a look at what you’ve already got around you and don’t be afraid to use things in unexpected ways.

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