December 21, 2023

Tips to Pack a Warehouse and Inventory for a Commercial Move

Warehouses are perfect for storing inventory and machinery for your business. However, as your company grows, it may be time to upgrade to a larger warehouse or one with better amenities. When that happens, it’s time to pack everything and move it to its new location. Unfortunately, this relocation process is much easier said than done.

Whether you’re a small business with bulky inventory items or a large manufacturing brand, here are the best tips to help your move go as smoothly as possible.

Start Early

Ideally, you’ll have several months to transition from one space to another. However, regardless of how much time you have, it’s best to create an action plan as soon as you finalize your new space. The sooner you plan the logistics, the easier it is to overcome any hurdles or obstacles.

Some points to consider include:

  • Transportation – How will you move heavier equipment or inventory?
  • Square Footage – Is the new space larger? If not, how can you take advantage of the space you do have?
  • Layout – How does your current layout work, and can it be improved with the new warehouse?
  • Entrances – How easy is loading materials and equipment into the new space?

Toss or Fix Old and Worn Items

Moving is an excellent time to take stock of everything you have and shed any unnecessary items. As you go through your inventory, take note of anything that needs fixing. Plan to repair those items before the move.

Alternatively, discard any old materials not worth repairing. Finding an industrial recycling center or landfill that takes business waste can save you time and trouble because you will not have to move anything unnecessary.

Sell Unused Inventory

Another option with old or worn inventory is to sell it (as long as it’s in decent condition). Only reserve this tip for items that you don’t need or are thinking of upgrading already. This way, you can get the piece out of your warehouse and avoid moving it yourself. Then, once you’re at the new warehouse, you can ship the latest version there directly.

Organize Your New Space on Paper First

It can be hard to visualize the best layout when standing in a massive empty room. Instead, it’s better to draw the layout on a piece of paper with incremental measurements to determine the best warehouse layout.

Also, consider how you will use the warehouse space. Will workers be moving around? What about forklifts and other vehicles? Make sure to incorporate safety protocols into your new layout.

Get as Much Help as Possible

Fortunately, as a business, you already have employees on the payroll. Many of these individuals can help with the moving process, both with logistics and planning, as well as packing and lifting. The more people working on the project, the faster and more efficient the move will be.

That said, you should designate someone as the head project manager. This way, it’s easier to organize everyone and keep individuals on task. A disorganized move can lead to significant problems after the transition, such as misplaced or damaged inventory.

Simplify Your Warehouse Relocation

We have experience moving heavy items and equipment and can make this process as smooth and streamlined as possible. Contact us today with details, and we’ll develop the best moving strategy to fit your budget.


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