June 18, 2021

Tips for Moving Your Retail Store

Are you moving your retail store? If so, you’ve got a lot of work ahead of you! Organizing your move by selecting the right date, cutting back on inventory, and communicating with customers can make the experience better overall. The following tips can make your relocation a positive experience and less stressful as well. Here are some suggestions. 

Pick the Right Date

What time of year is the slowest time of year in your store? This is the best time to move. Schedule your move so that your relocation happens solidly in the middle of your slowest period, so you’ll have some quiet time leading up to your relocation for packing and some slow time after your relocation for unpacking and setting up. Start shopping early for a moving company, especially if your quiet time of year happens to coincide with the busy time of year for movers (spring and summer).  

Cut Back on Inventory

The more inventory you have during your relocation, the more challenging your relocation will be. Reducing your merchandise in the days before your relocation will make packing and unpacking easier. Cutting back on inventory also makes relocating more cost-effective. 

  • Order less. Don’t order anything for your store that you don’t have to have. 
  • Have a sale. Sell everything you can. Put most of your inventory on a dramatic sale, and advertise it heavily. 
  • Move out clearance items. Sell as many of your clearance items as possible. Slash those prices in half. 

Plan Well in Advance

Your relocation isn’t going to happen quickly. Start planning months in advance of the move. Look for your movers well before the actual move date. Start packing as soon as possible. Communicate with your employees about the upcoming relocation, including their role and when the relocation will occur. The more time you have to plan for your relocation, the easier your move will be. 

Communicate With Your Customers

Communicate with your customers, so they’ll know that your business isn’t closing; it’s just moving. There are many ways to get the word out to the people who need to know, including: 

  • Newsletter. If you have a customer email list or newsletter, send several articles to your customers starting weeks before the relocation. 
  • Signs. Put up signs in all your windows starting several weeks in advance of the relocation. 
  • Slips of paper. Put slips of paper in customer bags when they make a purchase, giving your relocation date and where you’ll be moving to. 
  • Social media. Tell everyone on your social media pages that your business is relocating. Include your relocation dates, where you’re moving to, and when you anticipate your new store location will open.   

Get Professional Moving Help

Get help from a professional mover who can pack and unpack all of your boxes and equipment for you. Getting help from a professional mover will make your relocation simpler and focus on your relocation aspects that need your attention. You will have more time to communicate with employees and customers. Contact us today to get a quote for your move.


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