August 21, 2020

Things to Do to Help Movers on Move Day

Do you want your move day to run smoothly?

With so much to organize before moving, it can be easy to forget about your movers. But even the best movers can benefit from your preparation to be sure your move is quick and easy.

Read on for things you can do to make sure your move day goes off without a hitch.

1. Complete the Packing Before Movers Arrive

Your movers will want to start loading the truck as soon as they arrive on the morning of your move. So, make sure that you have your packing finished before the movers show up.


This includes removing artwork from the walls and packing that up.


To help you stay on the best track before moving day, follow a timeline. This way, your packing is done the day before your scheduled move and your movers aren’t waiting around for you to finish up the packing process.

2. Set Aside Special Boxes


Separate the boxes and items you want to take with you. Place this essentials box and any other valuables in a separate room so that they don’t accidentally get loaded onto the moving truck.


Let the movers know where these items are and make sure they are labeled appropriately.


3. Use the Right Packing Materials

Not using the right materials can cause issues, including damage to your items. Boxes that are too weak or overpacked can collapse. Bags used to pack clothes can rip apart when carried or on the journey.

If the weather is bad, unsealed boxes and bags can leave your belongings exposed. 

4. Organize Your Boxes

As you pack, label each box. It takes seconds but will save you and your mover hours at the other end. Each box should have a list of what’s inside and what room it should go to at the new house.

For extra organization, color-coded labeling is useful. If you do this, make sure you give a copy of the color codes to your mover. This way, when they get to the new house, they can make sure the boxes go where they’re supposed to.

For any boxes that have fragile items in them, make this known. Write ‘Fragile’ and ‘This End Up’ on appropriate boxes so that your movers know to take extra care.

5. Arrange Proper Parking

Depending on your street layout, parking might be a concern. To keep traffic flowing and help your movers be as efficient as possible, put together a parking plan. 

Most movers will get in touch to confirm parking details. It’ll also be helpful for your neighbors if you let them know in advance what time you expect your movers. Providing them a heads up allows them to prepare.

Also, contact your local authority for a parking permit if you need one. 

6. Keep Pets and Children Safe

Arrange for pets and children to either be out of the home on moving day or designate a safe room where they can gather and stay safe. This will keep them safer and most likely reduce the stress level of your kids and pets.

7. Stay Available

Try to step back and allow the movers to do what they know how to do best. But, stay close by so that the mover can find you if they need to ask you a question or discuss something. They might need to ask you something that only you have the appropriate answer for.

Your Move Day Made Easy

These tips will help your move day go off without a hitch. Your preparedness will allow your movers to focus on the job at hand. 

If you need movers you can trust, contact us today. At Metcalf Moving and Storage, we have over 100 years of experience to handle all your moving needs.


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