July 20, 2023

The 5 Essentials of a Smooth Office Relocation

Office moves are complex. They require careful planning, communication, and organization. Here are tips to make your office move a success.

1. Assign a Move Coordinator

The move will go much more smoothly if a manager is designated to lead the moving team. The move coordinator should be well-organized, budget savvy, and detail-oriented. They should be able to work with a team to develop a moving plan, interview movers, and choose the best company. They also should have good communication and collaboration skills.

2. Communicate About the Move

Communicate with your employees first. Tell employees about the move’s date and the new office’s location. Give them opportunities for feedback into the process; for example, suggesting office layouts. If the relocation is long-distance, be prepared with relocation packages for those employees you want to keep.

You will also communicate with customers across multiple media: advertisements, websites, in-person, written word, and social media. Stress how the move will benefit them; for example, put you closer to them or provide space for expanding product offerings.

Finally, draft a letter to communicate your move to suppliers. Tell them your new address and the effective date well before your move. Be sure to thank them for their support.

3. Plan Any Downtime

Develop a plan to deal with any downtimes. For example, many companies prefer to move over the weekend to reduce downtime. Others may move in phases. Still, others have employees work remotely for several days. Decide which options will work best for your company, then allow a few-day grace period during which you avoid scheduling customer appointments.

4. Get IT on Board

Your IT staff should begin planning for the move as soon as possible. IT should be involved in discussions of building renovations to prepare for technological needs. The staff should also carefully review equipment to determine which company should move and which they should replace and recycle.

Once you’ve decided which hardware to move, carefully check it for potential problems and pack it carefully. Take steps to protect your data. Maintain clear custody of each data storage device, checking the seal at each location for tampering.

Finally, document everything about your system, even down to where each cable goes, so you can set it up again after the move.

5. Hire Professional Movers

A professional mover with experience in commercial relocations is a must for a smooth move. The professional mover can offer advice and resources to help smooth the relocation. The mover can also provide packing and unpacking services. Having the mover pack allows you and your staff to remain productive and customer service friendly with less disruption.

When interviewing companies, be sure they have experience moving companies similar to yours. Also, check their track record through online reviews and phone calls to their references.

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