March 8, 2016

What if My Stuff is Broken During My Move?

It is very important to understand that all of the people involved in your move – from your estimator, to your move coordinator, to the packers, the loaders, the driver, and warehousemen – have a common goal…to provide you with the best possible moving experience; trouble free and claim free! No one likes to think or talk about damage, but it does happen sometimes, so it is important that you know what to do if damage occurs.

In an interstate (state to state) move, your furniture and boxes will be thoroughly inventoried at your old home. This inventory will show any pre-existing conditions or damages to the items, and whether you packed the boxes (packed by owner, or PBO) or whether the mover packed the boxes (carrier packed, or CP). It will also show any items that are mechanical in nature (electrical or electronic) that we do not know the mechanical condition of, by noting “MCU” (mechanical condition unknown) because we are not able to know the working condition of these items when we move them.

At delivery, it is very important to take responsibility for checking off your shipment to be sure that you have received all items. It is also important to check all items as they are delivered for any NEW damage that may have occurred while your belongings were in the care and custody of the mover.

If you find something missing or damaged, document it and talk to the driver about it right away. Then, notify your Move Coordinator. The quicker a claim can be dealt with, the better.

You will then receive the necessary claim forms either by email or mail to complete and send back to the claims department. Upon receipt of the completed, signed claim form, an adjuster will be assigned. This adjuster may then assign a repair firm to complete an inspection of your claimed items and/or provide you with a settlement based on the amount of coverage you selected prior to your move.

If you have moved interstate (state to state) you will need to file your claim within 9 months of your delivery date. If you have moved locally, within a state, or internationally, you will need to check on the filing time for your move as it may be different than the interstate filing time.

It is important that you keep all items that you are claiming, since those claimed items must be available for inspection, if needed. If the item was packed in a box, keep the box it was packed in also. Do not repair or move any items until you have filed your claim, it has been inspected, and you have been directed by your claims adjuster.

Remember, all movers have a vested interest in providing you with a claim free move! But, if you do have a claim, we will work with you to bring it to a speedy resolution!


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