April 18, 2022

Selling Your House in Summer? 4 Ways to Prepare

Before you sell your house, it’s vital to get your property ready to be seen by buyers. Staging and boosting curb appeal are two critical parts of this process. You also need to take care of any deferred maintenance you’ve meant to do! Finally, you can get the most for your investment by making your house look its best for your buyers.

1. Choose Easy Landscaping

One thing you don’t want to worry about when you’re trying to sell your house is taking care of a complicated landscaping arrangement. Of course, it’s essential to maintain beautiful landscaping while you’re showing your home to buyers, but you want that to be as easy as possible!

Choose easy-to-care-for annual flowers with lots of colorful blooms. Colorful blooms make your house stand out, while annuals require no special fertilizing or watering to look beautiful. Many home buyers prefer annuals, too, to start over with new flowers in the spring to personalize their look.

2. Perform Maintenance

It’s essential to perform maintenance on your home before putting it on the market. Deferred maintenance can make your home less appealing to buyers while also reducing the value of your house and making it harder to sell.

Start performing maintenance updates as soon as you decide to list your house for sale! Fix any broken appliances, and if any parts of your home are broken, like a broken light or door handle, address these problems.

You can sell your home with maintenance problems, but you must disclose those problems to your real estate agent when you’re selling. These things will be disclosed to the buyer and may mean it will take longer to sell your house.

3. Declutter

Clutter can make your home look darker and smaller than it is. Clutter is also hard to clean, and it’s vital to keep your home clean when showing it to buyers. Declutter your home before you take pictures of it to post your real estate listing, then declutter routinely to keep it that way until your house sells.

4. Take on High-Value Home Improvement Projects

Some home improvement projects are worth doing before selling your home. Painting the exterior, for example, can improve curb appeal and make your house easier to sell. Likewise, painting the interior of your house can help you stage your home and can also make your house more appealing to home buyers.

If you’re working with a real estate professional before putting your house on the market, get some advice from your agent. Your real estate professional will be able to help you decide which projects will be most valued by home buyers. Every house needs something a little different, so get help from an expert as you’re trying to decide which projects are suitable for your home!

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