January 4, 2024

Selecting the Ideal Time of the Year to Move

Planning a move will always be stressful, but it’s easier to transition to a new home at certain times of the year. When deciding, you should consider many factors. Here, we’ll outline some things to consider when choosing the best time of year to move.

Consider Your Moving Budget

If budget is your primary concern, you’ll want to try to plan your move in the off-season, which is generally between late September and April. The most expensive time of year to move will be between Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends.

This is generally due to better weather and families with children trying to plan their moves around the school calendar. People also often try to avoid moving during the holidays, especially in November and December. If budget is a concern and you can swing it, consider moving in the off-season.

Think About Scheduling Flexibility

One of the drawbacks of moving during peak moving months is that it can be challenging to secure the date you want unless you plan earlier than most other people planning moves. If you move during the off-peak season, you’re also more likely to see a better selection of dates. If you have school-age children, you may have different flexibility and, in that case, will want to book your move as soon as possible to secure the moving date you want.

Evaluate Home Availability By Season

Generally speaking, more homes and apartments come on the market early in the spring and summer months. If you’re simultaneously looking for a new place to live as you plan your move, you may be better off looking at spring to find the best availability of homes.

Consider the Local Weather at Both Ends

Weather is a significant consideration for many people. Moving during the winter, while more cost-effective and more manageable to plan, can be tricky, especially in areas prone to heavy snowstorms or sleet. A winter move can pose hazards and potential delays. If you’re in a location on either end of your move where wintry weather is a risk, moving during the warmer months is probably the better option.

However, winter is the best option for some. In other areas, such as the southern U.S., you’ll need to contend with warm, humid, and stormy conditions, which could make for a difficult move. There is also hurricane season to factor in.

Remember to Factor in Your Work Schedule

When choosing the best time of year to move, you’ll also want to factor in your work schedule. For instance, are you in an industry with a “slow” and “busy” time? While winter may be cheaper and easier to plan, planning a move this season wouldn’t make sense if you can’t take time off because it’s your busy season (e.g., insurance or retail). Alternatively, getting the dates off you want could be problematic if your industry is active in the summer or you have high competition with colleagues for vacation time.

Moving Made Easy

Determining the best time of the year to move is a personal decision, and there is no one-size-fits-all answer. However, each season has pros and cons, and you want to choose what makes the most sense for your household.

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