December 12, 2022

Pros and Cons of Moving Into a Townhouse

If you’re looking to buy your first place, you may look at condos, townhouses, and single-family homes. Demand for these units has always been high, and many first-time buyers will choose a townhouse as their starter home before moving into their own property.

But before signing the dotted line and putting a down payment on a townhouse, it helps to know the benefits and potential downsides. So here are some things to know about what to expect when moving into your new home.

Pro: More Affordable: 

Many consider condos and townhouses starter homes because they’re much more affordable. Depending on your area, the difference between a condo unit and a single-family house might be substantial. Buying a townhouse could save tens of thousands of dollars in high-demand locations.

Remember that you will probably have HOA fees on top of rent and utilities, so you must plan accordingly.

Con: Less Space

Because you’re paying less for a unit, you will get less space than you would with a traditional house. While many townhomes can feel spacious and accommodating, some might not offer the space you need. As a result, your unit will likely be not only smaller than most houses, but you likely won’t have a yard or patio.

Pro: Built-In Amenities

Often, buying a townhouse means you own a unit within a larger complex. A primary distinction between a townhouse and a condominium is that the unit is larger, and you can own the land upon which it’s built in some areas. The primary benefit of living in a planned community or complex is access to shared amenities.

Some examples can include a clubhouse with a recreation center, pool access, walking and hiking trails, and an exclusive neighborhood. However, one of the best amenities is that you’re not responsible for yardwork and other maintenance outside your home. For example, having a big backyard is nice but requires constant upkeep.

Moving into a townhouse means joining a homeowner’s association (HOA), but most organizations are pretty beneficial. So, you should get a lot of value from your monthly HOA fees.

Con: Less Freedom

While an HOA offers valuable services, it can also have restrictive rules. For example, if you want the freedom to renovate your home or display any decorations you like, you might go head-to-head with the HOA. Generally, you have much more flexibility with a single-family property because you own the building and the property.

Bottom Line

Overall, owning a townhome can offer some incredible advantages, but you must go into the deal with both eyes open. Also, if your townhouse will work as a starter home, you can use the (limited) equity to help with a down payment on another property.

Moving Into a Townhouse? We Can Help!

Once you decide to move forward with a townhouse, you’ll likely need help getting your stuff inside. We offer a wide range of moving services, including packing, shipping, storage, and unpacking. Call us today!



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