January 17, 2020

Preparing Your Office: Simple Tips For an Efficient Move

Moving office locations is an exciting time for a growing business. A big move also means there’s going to be a fair amount of reorganization to deal with. 

Moving offices can lead to distractions and loss of productivity if not thoroughly planned or well executed.

By being prepared and covering the details, you’re more likely to execute a successful move and a seamless transition. Continue reading, and we’ll walk you through how to prepare for when your business moves to a new location. 

Start the Office Move Process

Begin the overall planning and decision-making for your office relocation about six to nine months before your move date. Office moves vary. Some office relocations can happen in a few months; others take longer. Give yourself plenty of time to allow for possible glitches. 

Think through and plan the big-picture details. Include a general location for the brand new office and what you want and need from the new space.

Make a Timeline

Look at your business calendar and strategically choose your relocation dates based on when it would be least disruptive. Also, make a note of when your lease expires.

Notify your property manager of the date that you anticipate moving. You also want to communicate with all of your staff about the date of relocation.

Make sure everyone knows what their responsibilities are for the move and when they’re expected to perform move-related tasks. 

Design Your New Location

In this step, you want to know as much about the new space as possible. Get a floor layout or blueprints so that you can understand the key components, such as storage space and electrical outlets. 

Compare the new and old spaces so you can work out a suitable transition of equipment. Then create a list of possible problems you might encounter in the new location.

For example, you might have less storage capacity than your original office location, or you might have a smaller reception area. Or, perhaps you’ll have a bigger and more open space where you’ll want to put up temporary walls or cubicles. 

Make a plan for the changes to the new office space. Hire painters, systems installers, carpenters, or electricians to help you add wiring, put up walls, or complete cosmetic changes before the big move.

Hire the Movers

One of the essential parts of moving offices is hiring reputable commercial movers. You want to make sure that the company you choose will give you the best service for the price and that they’re reliable. 

Identify your professional moving company at least four to six months before the office move. This provides you time to evaluate professional movers and find one that’s available during your moving timeframe. 

Professional movers will come to your office and assess your needs. Work with the move planner to make arrangements for moving preparation and nail down a specific moving timeline.

Know the Right Way to Conduct Office Moves

The key to a smooth office move is preparation and organization. Start the process early and put a timeline in place to make the transition easier.

Remember to keep communication open and transparent so that everyone is on the same page.

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