June 12, 2023

Picking a Retail Location for Your Business? What to Consider

There’s much to consider when choosing a new retail location to move your business. The place you select needs to be convenient for you and your staff, affordable for your business, in good condition, and customers’ expectations. Deciding about the location for your business can be difficult, but these tips can help.

Convenient Access

Convenient access is essential for you, your customers, and the people who work at your store. If the store is not well located for most people who currently work there, you could find yourself replacing your employees shortly after relocating.

Remember that many employees will want to work near their homes unless you can give them a good reason to stay with your business, such as higher wages or a very positive working environment. The ease of access for customers is essential as well. For example, if your previous location had a parking lot, customers may react unfavorably to a site without a private or convenient one.

Ask yourself questions as you’re trying to choose a new retail location. For example, is the structure near other businesses, so your customers can shop at more than one store when they go out? Is the location near freeways and therefore accessible? 


Know your budget before you start looking at locations. Knowing your budget in advance will make it easier to avoid the temptation to sign a lease for a building you can’t afford. Tell your real estate agent your budget, so your agent will only show you locations that fall within it.


When looking at potential locations, notice what kind of condition each site is in. If you plan to lease your retail location, rent from a property owner who takes care of their property personally or through a property management company.

If you’re planning to purchase a building, have a professional inspect the space to ensure you’re aware of any potential issues. Knowing the issues before jumping into a mortgage can help you avoid buying a building with serious problems.

Customer Expectations

Know what kind of location your customers expect, especially if they have high expectations. Knowing your customers—what their average age is, what they like about your business, how much they spend at your business, what their favorite products are, and how much they budget for your business, can help you determine what your customers would expect from a new retail location for your store.

Ready to Move? Get Started With Professional Movers

You’ve got a lot to consider as you choose a new location for your retail store. Make your relocation easier by hiring professional movers. Working with the pros will give you more time to make logical and well-reasoned decisions throughout your relocation and ultimately can help ensure your relocation will be successful. To get started with your move, contact us today.


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