February 29, 2024

Perfect Housewarming Gifts When Your Child Gets Their First Place

Seeing your child get their first place as an adult can be a significant milestone in your life and theirs. While helping them make arrangements for the residential move, you might want to pick up something that your child may need at their first separate address to make the place feel more like home. Look at a few good ideas below to help you find the perfect gift to mark the event.

1. Gift Cards

Moving is always a big feat but can also be expensive. Because this will be their first time in their own place, unexpected expenses will come up. Therefore, it can be helpful if your young adult has a few gift cards to grab dinner after a busy day or simply pick up something they need for their new place. Consider picking up a gift card from their favorite restaurant or even a home goods store so they can track down a few pieces of decor.

2. A Cookware Set

You may still be inclined to drop off a meal or two during those first few months after your child moves out. However, your child will also be navigating cooking on their own as well. Therefore, gifting them a nice cookware set is always a nice gesture. Consider cookware sets that have pots and pans of various sizes or those that come with extras like a utensil set or measuring cups.

3. Personalized Home Decor

A first home is a big deal; anyone taking this step into adulthood will be excited about making their place their own. Hence, choosing a unique custom or personalized home decor can be a well-received housewarming gift. A few ideas to consider include:

  • Personalized wall decor, such as a mirror engraved with a favorite quote
  • Customized cutlery or dishware with a monogrammed initial
  • Personalized kitchen items like cutting boards with an engraved favorite recipe

4. First Aid Kit

Surprisingly, almost half of all US homes do not have a first aid kit on hand. These kits are filled with necessities when someone sustains an injury and are undeniably important. Unfortunately, this is also an item young adults may not remember to buy for themselves when they move out. As a parent, a gifted first aid kit can be your little way of ensuring they are OK even though they are no longer at home.

5. A Family Keepsake

Transitioning from living with your parents to living alone can come with many emotions. Psychologists say staying connected to home and family can be especially important during this time. Therefore, sending your child to their first place with a tangible item that reminds them of familial connections can be a supportive gesture. Consider family heirlooms and keepsakes you want them to have and ensure they are packed with their belongings before the move. Or, you can make a memorable trip to their new place with the item once they are getting settled in.

Need Help with the Transition?

Bringing in the help of professional movers can be a big help when your child is leaving home. If you would like a free moving quote, contact us today.



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