April 22, 2019

Moving to a New House? Ways to Get Your New Home Move-In Ready

Whether you just closed on your first house or your forever home, you’re bound to feel excited; but let’s face it, the process of moving is daunting. And all you can think about now is settling in so you can relax and enjoy it.

Luckily, there are some things you can do to fast forward that process and let the relaxation begin!

Let’s look at what you can do before moving to a new house that will get your home move-in ready.

1. Deep Clean the House

There’s nothing like moving into a sparkling clean home. So, whether your house is new construction or not, it’s going to need a deep cleaning before you move in.

Make sure to wipe out all the cabinets. Clean the floors, windows, and counter surfaces. It’s also a great idea to vacuum out the dryer vent, change the toilet seats, and wipe down all baseboards.

If the job is too big or you’re simply too busy, hire a cleaning service to do the job for you.

2. Make Any Needed Updates

If you want to make any interior updates, it’s best to finish them before getting your new house set up.

Especially if you’re doing any big projects such as changing out the flooring or remodeling the kitchen, It’s no fun living through the mess and inconvenience of a construction project right from the start.

Even if your projects are small, finishing them beforehand will make moving in even more exciting. This includes getting all the walls repainted, changing out light fixtures, and setting up new closet organizers.

3. Change the Locks on Exterior Doors

Think about all the hands your new home’s keys have been through. The previous owners, maintenance people, realtors, and who knows who else. So before moving into your new home, get all the exterior door locks replaced.

Call out a locksmith soon after closing on the house. Or you can replace them on your own.

Knowing you’re the only ones who have keys to your new home will keep you safe and give you peace of mind.

4. Start a Homeowner’s Journal

Keeping all the documents and receipts for your home in one place will make life easier as a homeowner. You never know when you’ll need them for filing an insurance claim or when it’s time to use a service warranty. It will even show in your favor if you ever sell the house in the future.

Buy a three-ring binder or folder. Add all your insurance documents, repair receipts, receipts for big home purchases, and any other paperwork that pertains to your house.

5. Start Fresh with Safety and Home Maintenance

Moving to a new house feels like a fresh start. So why not get that same fresh start with your home’s safety and maintenance features as well.

Replace the batteries in your home’s smoke and carbon monoxide detectors with new ones. Buy new fire extinguishers. Then locate the electrical panel and all emergency shut off valves.

Jump start your maintenance by changing out the air and furnace filters. Hose down the air conditioning unit. And test the sump pump before the rainy season begins.

Set Yourself up Right Before Moving to a New House

After you move, you deserve to unpack the boxes and relax. And now you can get your home move-in ready so that you’ll actually be able to enjoy moving.

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