May 27, 2022

Moving Out of a Rental Home? Don’t Forget This Checklist

There’s a lot to think about when you’re moving out of a rental home – especially if you’re hoping to get your security deposit back. So most landlords conduct a walk-through with their renters before they move out to see if the property is in acceptable condition at the end of their stay. 

If there is damage to your rental home, the landlord may require you to pay for the repairs. Get more of your security depot back by leaving your rental in the best shape possible. Below are several things you can do to get your rental inspection-ready.

Check Lease for Expectations

Your landlord may have written expectations about the necessary condition of your rental upon move-out. First, check your lease to find out what these expectations are. Next, write the expectations into a checklist and then follow it to make sure that the rental home is as it should be when you move out.

Clean Up

Start by performing a deep clean of your rental home. Shampoo the carpet. Wash down the walls. Wash the baseboards, blinds, windows, and ceiling fan blades.

Clean areas of the rental space you’ve rarely thought to clean, including the tops of light fixtures and the inside of the oven. By cleaning these parts of the home, you leave little to be cleaned by a professional cleaning company.

When you’re done cleaning, walk through the property, looking for anything you may have missed. Sometimes it’s easier to see what you didn’t get to once most of the cleaning is done.

Set Up Walk Through With Landlord

Don’t forget to schedule the walk-through with the landlord. Your landlord will likely have this on their to-do list, but planning the walk-through ahead of time can help you avoid last-minute scheduling problems that might arise.

If you have a good relationship with your landlord, consider trying to schedule a preliminary walk-through before the final walk-through. Your landlord may be willing to point out problems that they notice so that you can have them cleaned up before you leave.

Make Small Repairs

Is there anything broken in your rental home right now? Maybe you’ve got some clogged drains, or the smoke detectors need fresh batteries? Perhaps some of your light bulbs are burned out?

If so, make these minor repairs before your walk-through with your landlord. Patch any holes in your walls, fix scuffs and damage to your carpeting, and make other changes.

You may be able to do some of these changes yourself, while others may require you to hire a handyperson. If you need to hire someone, you may decide to let your landlord fix those problems independently.

Moving? Contact Professional Movers

Working with professional movers will help make moving out of your rental home a success. Contact us to get started with your upcoming relocation.



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