June 29, 2016

Moving Day Checklist: Paperwork and details

  • Plan to be on site to see your boxes loaded.
    Remain close by until the truck is fully loaded. After making a final tour of your house, check and sign the inventory. The van operator will give you a copy of it; it is important that you keep this safe.
  • Moving day paperwork will include: 
  • High-Value Inventory Form: this form states whether or not items of extraordinary value are included in the shipment.
  • Bill of Lading / Freight Bill: this form states the terms and conditions under which your goods are moved. It is also your receipt for the shipment, so be sure to keep this someplace secure.
  • Keep all moving documents in a secure location.
    You may need them for verification of moving expenses when you file your tax returns.
  • Verify your new address with your driver.
    Double check that the van operator has the correct destination address.
  • Be sure the driver has your contact information.
    Ensure your driver has all contact info ─ including phone numbers ─ so you can be reached if needed prior to the arrival of your belongings.
  • Before you leave, take a final look around. Confirm:
    • Is everything shut off (water, furnace, A/C, lights)?
    • Are the windows and doors all closed and locked?
    • Do you need to leave your house keys somewhere?





Ryan Myhro, Donnet Krueger and the entire Minnesota based moving crew were just the best.

- James & Lisa C.